can not input latitude 3470

First of all, I very appriciate about this great software.
I'm a weekend racer in Korea, and I have a race on sunday at Yeong-Am Korean F1 Grandprix circuit. It is a onemake race for Hyundai Click(Getz). Yeong-Am circuit have just made last month, so there is no track file anywhere. Therefore, I tried to make a track file for Yeong-Am circuit. I renamed a track file to Yeong-Am and changed the latitude of split1 to 3473.14657(from google map), and back to the trap select menu, and entered split1 again, I found latitude was changed to 3513.14 automatically. It is impossible to input 3460~3490.
Why can't I input that? If I get trap latitude from GPS, is it possible? For safety reason, it is very hard. I go there saturday and have some practice time, but there will be so many cars and I can't pick up anyone into my car(practice rule).
Please let me know about that.
Thank you for all!

Yong-Tae Kim

PS. Forgive my poor English.
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