RaceLogger bluetooth input format

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Just wondering if anyone knows the input format which the RaceLogger plugin uses. I am quite interested in using this feature to log from external inputs into the RaceChrono software.



  • oh, just noticed this interesting info. I almost started a feature request for that. :)

    But there is one thing:
    OBD channels are named correctly, datalogger Channels are just named analog 0..5.
    This makes reading more difficult and I think the main interesting values are the same in every environment.

    So I'd like to have fixed names for
    rpm (this is ok already)
    gear (d2)
    throttle (a1)
    engine temp (a2)
    brakes (a3)
    battery voltage (a4)
    mileage (a5).
    And the rest of channels (a6)..(a8) may remain analog 6..8

    Is this acceptable for most of us? Or maybe there could be an option to name channels by hand or by ini-file?
  • aolaol
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    I see it is a problem, but even a bigger problem for the analog channels is, that they are not in real units. I mean it's just some voltage input converted to a 16 bit number. So the absolute values are bit useless without some base/multiplier conversion. But that said I need to carefully consider what kind of changes to do still on the current versions, as I really need to work on the Android version to make sure RaceChrono lives on... I'll talk to the RaceDAC guy to see what he thinks about this name change.
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    RaceDAC allows user to fully modify (multiply/divide/offset) the absolute values which comes out from RaceDAC.
    For example:
    TPS-sensor output is DC 1.02-4.62 V (at idle throttle opening to full throttle opening).
    TPS-sensor connected to analogchannel1 input.
    With default settings RaceDAC output is:
    0-5 V -> 0-5000
    1.02-4.62 V -> 1020-4620
    User sets analogchannel1 user offset to (-)1020
    1.02-4.62 V -> 0-3600
    User sets analogchannel1 user divider to 36
    1.02-4.62 V -> 0-100
    Now user has analogchannel1 "TPS" output value "0-100" "%"
  • RaceDAC: Ah OK, that's a good feature. What do you think of the channel naming? Needed?
  • aol, user selectable channel naming would be nice.
    Or if you do fixed naming, then option to turn it "off" would be nice (when "on" d1 = rpm, etc, when "off" d1 = d1, etc ).
    Needed? Well, maybe more useful feature in the old version would be exporting of the datafields. Then every user would be able to export the data, and use different softwares (or make their own plots) to analyse it, and name the channels as they want. (Less work for you(?))
  • Yep, the export feature is more important.
  • Keen to see user definable data logger channels/inputs ..

    Also keen to see some sort of support for decimal point input EG voltage 0 to 5 volts currently step in whole numbers. A lot of protocol outputs are two byte values multiplied then divided to get decimal prescision EG o2 sensors or calculated AFR ratios etc

    cheers AOL
  • Just a short question: When will the $RC2 sentence be available? Any rough time schedule?

    I'll check some bikes regarding CanBus in winter and it's interesting to transmitt more than 5 Channels.
  • Addition, RaceChrono for Android supports $RC1 and $RC2 sentences, but I haven't tested a device that mixes $RC1/2 with GPS sentences. I will test and fix it if there's a need for it.
  • Sorry, to bump and old thread....Are there still plans to be able to name the RaceDAC channels? I just got my RaceDAC, and am setting it up on my motorcycle. It would also be nice to choose which fields get exported to the various formats.

    I love this app, and it is mainly the reason why I choose the RaceDAC along with this app to log all my data on my bike.

    Keep up the good work.
  • TAD158, I have that feature marked as nice to have, which means it's not going for implementation too soon. I might bundle this with other channel related features though.
  • That would be great, as it is more than nice to have if you are using a RaceDAC....All that would be need is an option to rename each of the channels in the setup of the device....

    Thanks for the great app!
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