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Google API's required.

edited February 2012 in RaceChrono for Android

Just wondering which Google API's are required for RaceChrono to function. Still holding out hope I can get RaceChrono to function on my Blackberry Playbook. You stated somewhere that the Google Maps api is required, any others? Or just vanilla Android beyond that API.


  • I think Maps the only non-Android API needed. I also use native code (like most games etc) so the platform needs to support that too (NDK).

    I actually plan to do a "black screen" map feature, which wouldn't require Google Maps (neither would it require 3g data, which is the reason I'm doing it).
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    Thanks for the response.

    Unfortunately in my case I believe it is the NDK requirements that is stopping the app from functioning on my device (Playbook). I was hoping it was an API thing which would let me install different frameworks and try and get RaceChrono to work, I don't think I can get around the NDK requirement however.

    Thanks aol, it may not work on my Playbook (which was a long shot anyways) but I can still use it in Android and Windows Mobile.
  • I'm postinge here, because I had a similar problem. My device has several GoogleApps installed, but was missing. So I successfully reinstalled the missing files. However I think "black screen" would be a good feature, so no internet connection is used. This will lower roaming cost when visitig several tracks in europe.

    Download these two files:

    Make sure your device is rooted and is is connected via USB-debug.
    upload the two files with adb:
    D:\>adb push /sdcard/
    D:\>adb push /sdcard/
    connect to device shell and move the files to the correct folders:
    D:\>adb shell
    #cat /sdcard/ > /system/etc/permissions/
    #cat /sdcard/ > /system/framework/

    restart device and reinstall RaceChrono

    good luck!
  • Dani_Duke: Oh, nice one! That's pretty advanced stuff :)
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    Thanks for the help!

    A quick search of my device shows I have those two files at the mentioned locations.

    The Blackberry Playbook is unique and doesn't have a full Android version, and although I do have Google Maps installed and (mostly) working thanks to Root access, I am apparently still missing some libraries required.

    If I can figure out which other libraries are needed I can potentially side load the files, possibly.
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