HTC Explorer and Daul XGPS150

Racechrono says "no connection to GPS" when trying to use it with my XGPS150. I've set the XGPS up as per the instructions using the Bluetooth GPS app. Any ideas?

It works fine using the internal GPS.


  • Hi, do you have other apps that work fine with this GPS? I might have to buy one if the problem is RaceChrono specific.
  • Havn't tried yet, but i will now. I'll report back.
  • I've tried it on two other apps and it works.
  • aolaol
    edited June 2012
    BTW, how did you configure the GPS? Did you configure it through some external application? RaceChrono uses Bluetooth devices 'directly', so no other application can connect to it at same time. Pairing the device and connecting to it (from RaceChrono settings) should be enough.
  • Yes i used the Bluetooth GPS app to configure it. I'll try without. But Dual says you need to use this app when using it on an Android platform.
  • Just tried it without the Bluetooth GPS app, and i've now got satalite fixes!!! I will test it fully tomorrow as i'm on track at Oulton Park. I'll report back. Thanks for your help.
  • Yep, most apps don't support Bluetooth GPS directly.
  • Racechrono worked perefectly at Oulton Park on Tuesday. Very happy. How can i export the data to my PC?
  • nigel69, exporting functionality is under development. I plan to do first the CSV exporting that allow Excel use and Video generation (DashWare, RaceChrono2AVI etc). I also plan to do exporting to the RaceChrono PC version (through NMEA). You can expect this feature in week or two.
  • Ok thanks.
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