I lose times in sessions

First, thanks for your fantastic software! My problem is that after session of 6-8 laps in circuit, some time later, I lose the sector times, but I have the laps saved with graphics, etc. I can see the sector times few minuts later, but after that, when I try to see again some hours later,the sector are with (*).
Do you know Why?
Thanks in advance


  • I can take a look. Could you send me the session folder, please? Session folders are are named \RaceChrono\session_<date>_<time> . I would need all the files and sub folders. Please send them to tracks(at)racechrono.com
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    Thanks for your quick reply aol. I´m out for 3 days, but monday I can send the files.
  • I again aol. I´m trying to send sessions (in .rar format), to tracks(at)racechrono.com, but says that the name is invalid. There are another option that I can send you the files?
    Probably I´m doing something wrong.
    Thanks again
  • What says? Just change the name if it doesn't accept it. Sending individual files is bad as I would need to do lot of work to open the session on my phone...
  • Sorry aol, as you can see, I´m not English, and is difficult to me understand, and write. I discover just now that track(at) is the same as track@...
    I send you the files. Thank you
  • Yep (at) is there to prevent spam
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