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  • οκ ! I will try the old version again, now i have 2.21 version!!!
    But the same problems I had with the old cell and the old version.
    Is there any case this sensor not work with these mobile phones ?
    Thank you very much.
  • aolaol
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    Chris, ok I misunderstood a bit. So you're having problems with the 818xt on Nokia C6 and Sony Xperia? It could be bad GPS hardware, or maybe the installation location... or the weather... But probably not your phone, as you're having problems with two phones.
  • Can you please help me getting RaceChrono to work on my Newman N1 phone?
    WifiLapper works OK on this phone --- using Bluetooth & Q818XT.

    Check this install command and error message:

    > adb install .\RaceChrono.apk
    5043 KB/s (1378952 bytes in 0.267s)
    pkg: /data/local/tmp/RaceChrono.apk
    Best regards
  • RSR911: looks like missing Google Maps to me...
  • aol: Google Maps Version 6.14.3 (#6140304) is installed and working

    How to tell which library is missing?
  • aol: What is the issue with the Google Maps shared library? I looked in the log via "adb logcat" and found:

    > I/PackageManager( 243): Succesfully renamed smdl2tmp1 to com.racechrono.app-1 at new path: /mnt/asec/com.racechrono.app-1
    > E/PackageManager( 243): Package com.racechrono.app requires unavailable shared library com.google.android.maps; failing!
    > W/PackageManager( 243): Package couldn't be installed in /mnt/asec/com.racechrono.app-1/pkg.apk
    > I/PackageHelper( 243): Forcibly destroying container com.racechrono.app-1
  • @ aol.
    And what you suggest? I have to change my GPS receiver? Or to update it again? And something else that I noticed is that when my phone is connected with internet my GPS receiver works fine(shows the right location)
  • Getting started with the android version and samsung reverb:
    Decided to try this creating a new small local loop to get my feet wet. using the internal GPS I set the start /finish line did a couple of loops but it kept running and did not record a lap. I got all the data and can see the loop but it didn't give me laps as I passed the start/finish.
    What am I doing wrong?
  • mr986: is the start/finish line pointing to right direction? They are unidirectional.

    Also maybe as you were walking, there might be some problem with the bearing: To check that, open the "traveled route" and move the graph from start to end of the session slowly, and see which way the small red arrow is pointing. It should be pointing to direction of travel. If it's pointing e.g. north, due to walking such small distance, then the laps will not register.
  • Can I ask where the download track option has gone ? The older version allowed you to download the track to the phone so when you went somewhere without internet connection, you at least had the traps marked and could select the track. Testing now on this version, there only appears to be the option to take a copy of a track map for later use - this doesn't allow it to be the main version and any updates get reflected. Also, you have to go in and rename them or everything is 'copy of ....' in your my tracks section.
  • AOL
    Thanks for the help. Got everything sorted out and running on the Samsung Reverb running the Android 4.1 OS, this RC version runs very smoothly. Currently using a Qstarz 818xt and Race Render editing. Simple to use, easy to see all the data on the phone and easy to download to a PC for video overlay.
    1) will the data download onto a PC running Vista to get a bigger display? (I think I have either 1.43 or 1.450 running on the laptop)
    2) any idea when an external OBD BT link capability will be added? (unless I missed that option)
  • aolaol
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    1) It download but you need to first export it to NMEA and then import it again.

    It's a hassle I know, but the whole v1.4 range is now unmaintained as I concentrate on the Android version. What I suggest instead of PC is an Android tablet, then copying the session files over is enough.

    2) I'm working on it as we speak. It should have been ready for months now, but I'm trying to have RaceDAC, OBD-II and VBOX Sport support released at once...
  • please please add feature that i can save all track data on sd card.
    I frequently flash rom, so everytime i flash rom i need to install app and download track and modify them...
    Also session data could save at sd card would be great.

  • Jisam I just backup my sessions at regular intervals (after every trackday) to Google drive in a zip file..

    Means I can transfer them to pc emulator phone and tablet to look and never loose.
  • actually session data would be minor issue... track data would be critical issue for me....
    i always download local tracks and modify them for me. ( some of them are submitted by me and registered unofficial, but rest of them are already registered, and there are already couple of unofficial versions in DB. )

    so i love to store modified track data in SD card, so whenever flash ROM or change device i could just load them up.....

  • Hi!

    4 months since latest update, is there anything on the go Antti? Is everything impelemented that we had in the S60 version. I am not sure but i get a feeling the app is a little bit empty of features? I love the simplicity but still i cant be without a lot of features.

    Keep up the good work!
  • aolaol
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    bimmerboy, I will release soon a version with OBD-II, RaceDAC and VBOX Sport support, and few other important new features. After that it's missing (from Symbian version) performance testing and comparison between sessions. Trying to keep it simple even with the new features :)
  • sounds like racechrono in a box!
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    Nice, can't wait to test the OBD-II feature. I have Torque Pro and was about to suggest you made a plugin for it, but if you can access info directly thats much better.

    If you need a beta tester feel free to email me. I have a Citroen DS3, a ELM327 OBD2 Bluetooth adapter and a Galaxy SIII. (also a 10Hz bluetooth gps receiver on its way from china). I hope this is enough to have a video with lots of overlay info.

    BTW feature request: record video along with data.

  • AOL
    got some jumbled data from my last track day; first 2 session were good--then the last two were jumbled--no individual laps recorded just one big session and then the last session had a most of the laps but the session path was actually off the real track --first time for that-- and that data didn't seem to mesh with the video event though they were on the same path; blocked GPS signal?
  • AOL

    It seems i cannot use racechrono at the same time i have my Torque App running. my phone is an HTC evo 4g LTE. is there a fix for this? maybe an older version?
  • iamxpl: Are you trying to use same bluetooth devices together with other apps? Unfortunately that is not possible, RaceChrono needs exclusive access to Bluetooth devices, such as GPS and OBD-II. It should be possible to use them together with internal GPS.
  • mr986, probably some interference in GPS, or a malfunction of the receiver.
  • Aol,

    That could be the problem lol =X i was trying to use Torque to datalog with the OBDII and race chrono for lap timing with the 818XT. so if i disable Torque app using the external GPS it should be ok? Thank you for the work you have done.
  • iamxpl: That should be ok. Although you can subscribe to the beta program and use OBD-II directly through RaceChrono :)
  • how does one go about subscribing? sorry i am a noob lol =). can this OBD-II data log also? because i would prefer having just one app to rule them all.
  • To participate the beta program, you need to first join RaceChrono beta testers Google+ group: https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/107242652753157101790
    Once you're member to the Google+ group, you can to opt-in to (or opt-out from) the RaceChrono beta testing program by following this link: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.racechrono.app
    After opting in you get the beta version through Play Store update.
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