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Better usability

edited March 2013 in RaceChrono for Android
This discussion was created from comments split from: Wishlist for RaceChrono v2 for Android.


  • Please make this happen! My Nokia broke and I had to buy an android phone /Motorola Atrix/ the program available for it is Trackmaster- what a disaster! I couldn't understand the thing after reading the instructions for hours. Granted I'm not very tech savvy, but with Race Chrono I didn't have this problem. Also The interface of Trackmaster is a major kitch. I had to use it today at a track day here in Southern California and it was a pain in the b*t.
    The thing that I really liked in Racecrono was the dash, big numbers-easy to read, also liked the red, green scheme- very easy to see if you go faster or slower only with a glance /I'm riding a motorcycle, and don't have much time too look away/.
    The other thing that I liked in Racechrono was the library, very easy to upload tracks.
    Bottom line your program is awesome, don't change it too mutch, especially not in the direction of Trackmaster /I don't wanna know humidity, and air temperature, and what not...ugh..!/ Please make Racechrono for Android!
  • chrisan: I agree with your thoughts about the competing product. I will aim at simplicity and ease of use in v2. This was not priority when I made v1 but I've learned a thing or two since 2007 :)
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