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I have askend on this question in the past, but Racechrono is still functional only 5 Hz and 10 Hz. Please, can you do it for 1 Hz, please? Racechrono is the best program for record (speed x time or distance), but when I convert file (gpx) from 5 Hz to 1 Hz, it takes a few minutes. Well, but when you must do it with every file...
Thank you in advance.

Hello, I would like to set a frequency on 1 Hz. How can I do it? Now it is automatically 5 Hz. I use Racechrono for trips (many hours) and when I export to gpx a file is so large. Thank you so much.


  • aolaol
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    Hi Paja, you must mean the fact that RaceChrono modifies MTK chipset update rate from 1 Hz to 5 Hz. Specifically you probably have the QSTARZ BT-818XT receiver?

    This feature already exists in the Android version, since version 2.10, I think. Turn on "Settings > Expert settings > Do not modify GPS". Then remove the battery from your GPS for about 10 seconds, and switch it to 1 Hz. Now RaceChrono will not turn your receiver to 5 Hz any more.
  • Thank you for answer, Aol.

    I have QSTARZ BT-818XT receiver and N8 - I have bought it in April 2012, because my old phone (N5800) was stolen I have decided for Symbian because of Racechrono - in this time wasn´t version for Android.
    Is it possible to make this adjustment for Symbian version please? I realised that is not easy and it takes a much time.

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    Unfortunately I'm not updating the Symbian version anymore (actually since 2011). It was a hard decision, but I cannot sensibly develop the app on many platforms simultaneusly. So unfortunately you will not get this feature before you decide to upgrade your N8 to some Android model.
  • Hi Aol,
    I have bought Samsung Galaxy S3 and Racechrono is amazing! I appreciate that there is a map (google), on Symbian version wasn´t.
    One more improvement - I can set 1 Hz regime.
    And the last thing - I was very suprised how fast has phone deteced satellites! I was only few seconds, in Symbian (N8) it usually takes few minutes (sometimes).
    Thak You for very good work!
  • Hello Paja, great to hear you've moved to Android :)
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