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I've just released RaceChrono v2.30 to Play Store. Go and get it. I hope you like it. Post your feedback, questions and bug reports about the v2.30 here. Discussion is free so go for it!

More information here: http://www.racechrono.com/news/?p=417

Here's the full change log: http://www.racechrono.com/news/?p=352

Finally go RaceChrono's Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/RaceChrono/104706009568917


  • it crashed on lenovo a60 (android 2.3.5) when i tried to watch and change a new menu items (like OBD II, and device # 1-5).
  • Can you submit the crash logs to Play Store? Upon crashing it should ask if you want to do that.
  • I would need separate crash log for the device 1-5 crash, and OBD-II channels
  • ok, I'll try
  • cant do it :( after racechrono's crashing "google play" crashed too. maybe it is troubles with my phone. will try later after flashing the phone
  • Are you using custom firmware such as Cyanogenmod?
  • 2aol: yes, lewa OS.
  • As you're doing custom firmwares, I guess you might be skilled enough to use the Android tool chain? There's tool called 'adb logcat' which you can use to extract logs from device. http://developer.android.com/tools/help/logcat.html

    I tried to reproduce the crash here but Android 2.2, 2.3.3 and 2.3.7 seem all work for me, no crash in settings.
  • OK
    i'm not a android-guru :) gimme a few days for this
  • I've released v2.31 to hotfix couple of issues in v2.30
  • How does Race Chrono handle the export feature, when there is GPS-based speed values and OBD-based speed values at the same time?

    I tested it and there is only one speed reading in the csv-file. I think the export function uses the more frequently updated OBD-data in my case since I use the internal 1 Hz GPS. Can you confirm this?

    Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Stock 4.2.2)
    ELM327 OBD2-Bluetooth-Dongle
    BMW 3-series E90

    Pretty stoked about the added OBD-support, works perfect for me. My favourite Android-app got even better! A thought-out and well interfaced piece of software. Keep it up!
  • aolaol
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    PlanB, there's new "CSV version 2" export that exports all the OBD-II plots, as well as all the channels that are recorded. See the export type selection. Unfortunately not yet RaceRender2 nor Dashware support it, but I've sent them samples of the new format anyways. If you are using either of these, please send their support an email :)
  • hrun, looks like the one, but unfortunately it's not telling me much. Just "force quitting" nothing else :(
  • aol, another log https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/50514374/log2.txt

    maybe it will disappear after flashing the phone
  • hrun, it does not give me any clues unfortunately. Let me know if the flashing helps. Haven't received any other complaints about this.
  • So this is my first attempt at using the new v2-dataexport-format including OBD-data. Speedo and tachometer are actually using OBD-data from a Bluetooth-OBD2-interface (ELM327). The unit is capable of approx. 10-20 Hz datarate (varies). Video is done using the new RaceRender2 v2.9.2 which supports RaceChrono's new export-format.

  • PlanB, looks very good, thanks for the feedback! Also many thanks to RaceRender2 author for implementing the support for the new CSV format :)
  • Hello Aol,

    Thanks for the new release! I've checked it but the "compare lap between different sessions" feature is still missing, any plan to add it in the near future? Will be very useful one still missing from the nokia one.


  • Hi Daniele, yes the plan is still to do the feature, but I'll do performance testing first. So will take still some time to have it unfortunately :)
  • hug :-( any suggestion about a tool or so to do it externally after exporting them?
  • Prior to comparison feature I will do the VBO export, that allows to use with Circuit Tools. You can expect this feature shortly.
  • Great, many thanks as usual!
  • I was thinking about a feature that could be very interesting for me : the personal track time record.
    I don't really know under which way it could appear, but when I start a new session I'd rather see the difference with my best time ever than the record of the current session.
    It could also interesting to display the time record in the track list (with a sub-list if there are several drivers recorded for a track).

    I can imagine how complicated to code this kind of feature is, but that´s definitely what I miss the most.
    Thanks for reading ;)
  • First of all, I just want to say how much I like your app!

    I seem to be missing the performance tests when running it on an Asus TF300T (android 4.1)

    Is there any way to see if the app recieves ODB-II channel readings from my ELM327?
    Is there any way to get the ODB-II data exported? (I couldn't find them in either CSV format)

    Thanks in advance.
  • aolaol
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    Rx7_Rx5_DK, you should be able to see the OBD-II values in "gauges" page of the live view if it is recording them. Also the CSV v2 format should have column for each recorded OBD-II channel. Maybe you are trying to record channels that are not supported by your car?

    Other possibility is that despite RaceChrono connecting to your OBD-II reader, there is a problem with protocol.

    What I suggest is to record a session with "RaceChrono > Settings > Expert settings > Save device output" turned on, and then copy-paste beginning ~50 lines of the device_xx_output.obd file here.
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    Just getting familiar with RaceChrono (liking it a lot so far) so I may have missed it somewhere.

    I have settings set to English units (mph/mi/ft). When I export, the .csv file has the values in meters/second? Tried both v1 and v2 options.
  • The CSV v1 has mph and kph for GPS speed... In the v2 they are only m/s because the export files are not meant to be human readable, they are read by video processors etc, so unit conversion can be done in their end. So m/s was selected because it's the metric standard, as are all the other units in the export as well.
  • @daniele.depetrini: I am also missing that feature for some time now. But I can help myself by using the old windows version. Just export your sessions as NMEA and the import the file to the windows version. This brings also another benefit: you can change the session description. You can import this than also easily again at the android version just by copying the session folder of the windows version. At restart of the android app it will get imported again automatically.
  • Ahhh, I see. I am/will be using RaceRender2 (Just started with everything a couple of weeks ago). I have to look to see if conversions are possible on a per input file basis (I would expect so).

    Input files to RaceRender2:

    Lukas LK-7900 ACE dash cam -- unfortunately there doesn't appear to be any way to extract GPS and 3-axis gforce data from the Lukas .avi file (yes, you can export the GPS but 1 min is the finest granularity on export). It appears they are using 1hz internally for their viewer.

    Drew Technologies DashDAQ data logger -- about 8 channels of OBDII data (mostly Chrysler specific). Exported in .csv in English units. I do some manual conversion of data values to pre-process for RaceRender compatibility.

    RaceChrono on a Droid4 -- 5hz GPS (Q818XT) for track mapping, laps, splits, and gforce.

    So I'm not using RaceChrono to acquire any OBDII data. Only GPS and hopefully gforce. Either derived from GPS or from the phone's accelerometers?

    1) I will use the V1 format unless there is some benefit in my application to using V2 ?

    2) My car has lateral gforce available through an OBDII PID. And yaw but no longitudinal gforce. The Droid4 has accelerometers. RaceChrono/RaceRender2 will model gforce from the GPS data. I'm under the impression all of these are available to me. What's my best option for gforce data?

    thanks in advance.
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