Track - Snetterton 300

edited July 2013 in RaceChrono for Android
Hi, firstly thanks for all your efforts, love the app, use it at every track day I do.

You have got Snetterton 200 in your data base, but not the newer 300 circuit which most trackdays are now held on. Google maps doesn't have a recent flyover photo, but they have made a new infield section. Some links below.

I'm there on Sunday (fingers crossed for no rain), and was wondering if I just set a start/finish line will race chrono just follow me along and give me my lap times but just no splits?

To help out is there anything I can do to help get the 300 circuit put on the library ?




  • Someone has pointed it out that the track is on there, it's just not in alphabetical order.
  • I think the track has a space in front of it, which is why it may not be appearing in alphabetical order.
  • Ok thanks for letting me know, I'll fix the ordering
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