Qstarz 818XT Question

I have a Qstarz 818XT, attached the GPS to my pc. And openen the QStarzGPSView program.

now i see a lot of settings. Is there a smart guy here that can tell me whats those settings mean?
The only thing i know is the "Fix update rate" the rest is magic for me.

The NMEA output settings is changeble from 0 till 5

This is how QstarzGPSview look like:


  • aolaol
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    The letter combinations are different GPS sentences. RaceChrono is using combination of GGA+RMC or alternatively RMC+ZDA+VTG for positioning and laptiming. GSV+GSA is used for the satellite info (rather nonimportant compared to first ones). The number in the fields mean how many times they are updated per second.
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    Thnx aol for your quick answer.

    my RMC was 0. so no updates. I clicked on default settings and this was the result: http://i.imgur.com/JOpzer7.png

    But after 1 test with my phone, what works perfect now.
    The settings are changed to: http://i.imgur.com/pA0Essv.png

    What's the best setup to use my gps dongle with racechrono? The max rate of the 818XT is 10Hz, so i want to use 10 hz to get the best correct laptimes.

    Edit: When i pull the battery, the settings will go to default.
  • aolaol
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    Also RaceChrono will modify the settings unless you set the "Do not modify MTK" on RaceChrono device settings. I think these settings are what RaceChrono resets them to http://i.imgur.com/pA0Essv.png . I think those settings mean RMC + VTG are 10 Hz and GSV + GGA + ZDA are 2 Hz, which is fine for RaceChrono (see my first message).
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