OBD Data Not in Export

Using v2.34 on a Samsung Galaxy Nexus phone. I can see the OBD channels working live on the gauges and in the analysis on the phone but when I attempt to export them to .csv for use with Dashware those columns are empty in the spreadsheet. Is there something else I need to configure?


  • scottinal, it depends what you tried to do.

    V1 CSV has only RPM and Throttle Position columns. They are logged only if you selected them for logging. Otherwise these columns will be empty. Notice the values on the columns are empty until the start of logging, so even if they are logged, you might have to scroll down.

    V2 .CSV has columns all recorded channels. AFAIK Dashware does not support the V2 CSV, I've sent them sample but never heard back from them. RaceRender2 is known to support the V2 format.
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    Ok, thanks. I see now where the values for those columns are populated later in the log file. That's unfortunate about the Dashware conflict with v2. I will email them as well.
  • Hi, the new version of Dashware seems to support the _v2.csv format too (select RaceRender2 as export type). Haven't tested it myself yet, but I will soon.
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