OBD not allowed, says trial.

This weekend at the track I attempted to use Racechrono with my OBD-II BT dongle. I have previously used Racechrono with no issues, but this was my first attempt with the OBD. Prior to getting to the track, I tried out the OBD with the Torque app, and it worked just fine, though it does prompt you to allow the connection, which means hitting the home key to answer the prompt, but I was able to see all the readings and even clear some fault codes.

So I get to the track, set up RaceChrono like I always do (using a Qstarz BT GPS.) Prior to recording all my sessions, RaceChrono would show a message that OBD is a trial and was set to expire. I got home, exported them to CSV, then imported to Dashware for video sync'ing. But there was no RPM or Throttle position or any other OBD data. I opened the CSV in Excel and saw there was nothing in either of those columns. I rechecked my settings, everything appeared to be correct. Then I noticed an update (to 3.4) was available, so I installed it. Nothing changed but the coloring (from black to white.) Then I noticed I didn't have the gauge page like shown in the examples. So I completely uninstalled the app and reinstalled it. Now I get the gauge and map page, but another warning prevents me from using OBD at all, saying the trial has expired....

I have to deselect the OBD as a recorded sensor in order to use the app. It says it's an in-app purchase, but no link or other information is provided.



  • I guess BB code isn't parsed, so here's just the link to the screenshot: http://www.eatsleeptinker.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/Screenshot_2013-10-13-16-36-03.png
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    Sorry I made a mistake with changing the expiration date. Should have been 2014 not 2013... Just released 2.41 with this fixed. Thanks for quick bug report!

    About importing to DashWare, only the new "RaceRender2" export format supports OBD-II channels. The old "Dashware/RaceChrono2AVI" format doesn't. Unfortunately Dashware does not yet support the new format (at least last time I checked), even though I've sent them samples. You could ask Dashware developer to add support for this, please include a sample as well.
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    Also the new thing in this version is sharing and VBO export.
  • Thanks aol, I'll try it out ASAP.
  • Have tried the latest version. It showed connected to OBD, but no OBD data is displayed or recorded. I am using China blue mini OBD, which is working fine in the Torque app.
  • And that's the issue I was having with 2.30. Torque was pulling data from my chinease blue mini OBD, but RaceChrono acted like it was until I reviewed the export files. Torque would give me a bluetooth pairing prompt, but nothing from RaceChrono. I still need to try it with the latest version and also Harry's Lap Timer and Trackmaster.
  • My chinese blue mini OBD worked fine with old version, probably 2.30 as well. But unable to record OBD data once updated to 2.40 and 2.41. Will also try it with Harry's Lap Timer tomorrow.
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    Chadwickhugh, racechrono doesn't require devices to be paired, so you don't necessarily get the pairing dialog. If your obd reader has been setup, you just should get the channels visible in gauges, or "connecting to obd reader" warning in red background.
  • I haven't tried 3.41 yet, so I don't want to say. But I checked the settings, here's a screenshot:

  • Actually it looks like OBD-II has gone broken in 2.40 and 2.41, I'll investigate this immediately and let you know.
  • Got it, fixed v2.42 will be available in hour or two from Play Store. Thank you for notifying about the problem promptly, and apologies for failing to test the new version properly...
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    Chadwickhugh, moving this from other thread: "Still having issues with the OBD, I keep getting a "connecting to OBD-II" at the bottom of the screen, over and over. Not sure what else to do."

    Seems like this is different OBD-II problem you experienced earlier, right? I guess you updated to v2.42 already?

    Are you running Torque in background at all? You need to exit Torque to be able to RaceChrono.

  • aol,

    Here's what I had to do to get it to connect. Start Torque, then I'm prompted to allow pairing of the OBD-II Bluetooth by Android, which I click allow (there's no option to always allow.) Torque connects, starts pulling information. I then exit Torque and start RaceChrono and it connects to OBD and BT GPS. Otherwise I get the "connecting to OBD-II" message at the bottom in the red bar. This is version 3.42. Car is a 2002 BMW M Coupe.

    That said, I just reviewed my session exports, and it is still dropping the OBD data, only capturing part of it. I can send you the .csv files if you give me your email.
  • And I did four sessions yesterday doing this method to get it to connect, all of them didn't record OBD data for the entire session. BT GPS is still working flawlessly. Phone is a Motorola Droid Razr Maxx, Android 4.1.2
  • Here's a video I made:

    That was the only bit of OBD data that was recorded for the full 20+ minute session. The rest of the log file is empty in the RPM and throttle position.
  • Well the latest version appears to automatically connect to the OBD reader, so that's good. Now the issue is that it drops somewhere during the log. It's pretty random, as I have some logs where it seems to record more than others. This is with a Chinese blue Elm reader. I picked up another legit reader, so I'll try it and see how it works.
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