CW track not available, only CCW

I'm at Motorsport Ranch (MSR) Cresson, TX this weekend, and we're running the 1.7mile configuration clockwise. I don't see this in the tracks list. I tried recording a lap using the couterclockwise track, and it only recorded the distance and total record time, no splits or lap times. Not sure how to correct this.


  • So I figured out how to edit (rotate) the splits and start/finish. I also saw that they were checked as unidirectional, that was probably the problem. I saved the track as CW and uploaded, hopefully it works tomorrow.

    Still having issues with the OBD, I keep getting a "connecting to OBD-II" at the bottom of the screen, over and over. Not sure what else to do.
  • Just an update, worked perfectly (the timing) with the splits and start finish rotated 180.
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