how i can't sign in at mobile

i created new account at mobile today.
and this program said that i should confirm at my e-mail.
i checked e-mail and their are no new mail. i felt it goes something wrong..
so, i created new account in PC (same e-mail account)
and then i checked e-mail again and their is no new mail.
i checked spam mail their they are. confirmation mail from race chrono!
i confirmed e-mail and i can use on PC..
but still i can't sign in on my mobile phone.
they just saying confirm e-mail.. i already did confirm my e-mail..;
what should i do now?


  • Hello, looks like you have managed to confirm the My RaceChrono account? Notice the forum and the My RaceChrono is separate. It may be little bit confusing, sorry about that. I will migrate to Google Accounts at some point for both systems.
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