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a few questions about the latest version 2.44 of raceChrono:

I see the various track maps have two sectors that are built in, how do I add more sectors?
is there a analysis mode off hi and low speeds for sector?
I see a ghost location: following the individual lap while being analyzed,is the ghost indicator the best lap of the same session for the optimal lap?
last, I'm using this in conjunction with racerender.I'm trying to pull in throttle and coolant temp from the obd reader but it doesn't seem to be displaying on race render. Have those functions become active?
BTw the setup I'm using which includes a 818 XT and Samsung smartphone running 4.1 Androidthat worked perfectly at the vir race track -----great work.


  • If the track is not originally created by you, but downloaded from track library, you need to first press "Copy" button when viewing the track. Then you can edit the copied track as you like. "Add trap" button will add new trap.

    The ghost lap is the current comparison lap, which is the best lap by default. You can change the comparison lap from the toolbar.

    Can you see the coolant temp and throttle channels in the exported CSV? If you can see it, it's up to the RaceRender (and the user :) to place the data on the video. You must select the RaceRender type for export to have these exported.
  • AOL, thanks for the reply.
    I just did the splits and everything worked out fine very slick approach to managing that.
    regarding throttle and coolant temp I did see it on my handset display but when I opened up the CVS or CSV file I did not see
    any data for coolant temp or throttle.if its showing up on my handset shouldn't be in the data file?
  • Hi, did you select "RaceRender" as export type? The file should end in _v2.csv, not _v1.csv? The v1 format doesn't have OBD-II channels, but v2 does have them.
  • No--I'll change that--thanks.
  • AOL
    I've gotten all the data working with the approptiate videos and everything seems working properly, great job.
    I have to say all the editing and exporting is very easy
    to do.
    Going foward, any plans to include oil pressure/temp
    Data?Those are two fields that are very important at the
    Again- great work on this product.

  • I think those channels should be exported already in the "RaceRender" .csv format. But only if they were recorded with OBD-II, meaning that you selected them from settings to be recorder, and your vehicle supported these channels. If you can see the data in live gauges, app should be able to record and export them too.
  • AOl
    I see the oil temps selection but do not see anything on oil pressure; is it there and I'm just not seeing it?
    Also, the selection of throttle position indicator--absolute vs. relative--?? what is the difference between these choices (there are several)?
  • aolaol
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    Hi, there is no Oil Pressure channel in OBD-II protocol (or if there is it is not listed). See the full list at . If you have such channel on other apps, but not RaceChrono, I will look further. If not, I would just say it is not supported in OBD-II.

    The trottle position question is interesting one that I do not know full answer to. Some of the channels measure the throttle body position, and some accelerator pedal position. But what is different between relative and absolute... dunno.

    I know for a fact that on Audi TT mk1 the "Throttle position" and on BMW e90 LCM "Accelerator pedal position D" outputs accurate the gas pedal position. What it is on your car, you'll have to find out.
  • Thanks for the reply; regarding throttle position an interesting discussion about this is ongoing on the planet 9 cayman club site. A fellow in AU. decided to start modding the intake of his 981S and found out from his dyno runs that at about 4K his throttle starts to close from about 90% open at FT to about 55% at FT. I've seen the same data on my OBD data, which prompted the question about the differences.
  • AOL
    There probably has been something mentioned about charting your braking effort but I can't find it.
    I see where my braking effort is on the track map but wonder if there is a way of getting numeric figure or chart of brake application for a particular turn?

    thanks for any help.
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