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I tried to transfer a recorded session to another Android device. Where do I have to copy the .rcz-file? Both devices use version 2.44 (but the recording was originally done with 2.3x).


  • aolaol
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    Hi Floyd, you can open the .RCZ file from the phone (from Downloads, DropBox, Google drive, GMail etc) and it will open in RaceChrono app. There's no specific location where to copy it.
  • Hi aol,

    thanks for the answer and sorry for the stupid question… My phone asks how to open the file (as Text, Video, Image…) before offering different apps to deal with the file and I didn’t take the first hurdle because I didn’t thought the file belonged to any of those categories.

    Another question: is it possible to change the session name of the imported recording? I tried to do this by renaming the .rcz file which resulted in a completely different session name (looked like an address). The reason I’m asking is I would like to differentiate sessions of different drivers on the same day on one device. Or did I miss the feature to name a driver like it was possible in version 1.4?

  • aolaol
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    Which phone do you have and which OS version? My test phones just open the file without questions asked, but apparently it's not the case always. I will add setting names, descriptions and drivers soon.
  • It's a Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus (GT-i9105P) with the current stock ROM (4.2.2).

    But it's not really a problem, after selecting "Open as Text" the option to open the file with RaceChrono is offered.
  • I just transferred a session from phone (ace plus) tu a asus tablet. Everything's ok but the rate of gps drop from 4/6 hz if read on phone to 1Hz if read on tablet.

    Wich one is correct?

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