How to add a Track that is not in racechrono V1.45 for Windows?

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ALBI a French track is in Racechrono V2.34 for Androïd and not present in Racechrono V1.45 on PC.

I made many entrainements on this French track (ALBI) and i collect all data on my HTC smartphone.

I would like export all this data on my PC, but this track is not present on V1.45

With my smartphone I do not just export the circuit on my pc (the icon with the two arrows is not present).

In the database of Tracks to add from Racechrono V1.45 this circuit is not present.

How to add it?

Thank you in advance for your help :)

PS : sorry for my crappy English...


  • No one to help me ???

  • Hi, sorry for delay. Unfortunately the Windows version has been discontinued for years a go, and I'm putting all my efforts to the Android platform.

    So, as a solution I would advice you to upload your sessions to:

    I'm co-operating with this project to bring seamless integration to RaceChrono at some point.
  • Tu as créé je suppose le nouveau circuit (albi) sur ton smartphone quand tu as enregistré tes sessions. As tu essayé de transférer le contenue du répertoire track de ton smartphone dans le répertoire track de ton pc ?

    Sinon j'ai un programme perso pour exploiter les données :

    Nota : sur mon site c'est une vielle version que je n'ai pas mise à jour.
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