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Translators wanted!



  • Hi ! Children have long been used RC but many who want to see this program in Russian in Russia . You transfer involved ? Thank you.
  • Hi, if you still need a translator for Korean, I can help you. :smiley:
  • The words that are not yet common are used in Japanese translation.
    Can I help you?
  • @zeropy do you mean there is a quality issue with the Japanese translation? Or just missing translations, meaning some strings in English?
  • Is Japanese translation still a to-do?
    If so, I'll ask my wife if she would be willing to contribute.
  • aolaol
    edited July 2018
    Japanese is a "bought" translation, so most of the strings are there and they are done by professionals. The quality also should be OK, as it has been double checked with different professionals. Just a few strings missing, as I do not want to spend money on every update. If there are Japanese speaking users, that have been using the app in Japanese, and would be willing to translate the missing strings, I would be glad to add him/her to the translation project. It's important that he/she has been using the app in Japanese as it gives much better "context" or understanding for the strings. Right now there's about 30-40 untranslated strings (191 words in total) in Japanese.
  • For example, "Coolant temperature" is not called "冷却剤 (reikyakuzai)".
    We call it "水温(suion)".

    It's not wrong. but we Japanese does not generally use "冷却剤(reikyakuzai)".
  • I offer myself to translate to Catalan.
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