Predictive Lap Timing?

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What's your best guess on implementing predictive lap timing?


  • Yes, during this spring there will be Predictive Lap Timing available as premium feature (In-app purchase or separate app I don't know yet).
  • bohoo
    love racechrono because it's free ;)
  • I like racechrono because (unlike trackmaster) it's not so buggy that it loses your session data.

    I hope RC moves to being a paid app, especially if that means that users will get features more often. There's no reason why aol shouldn't get paid for making this thing that people like.

    And honestly, people spend sooo much money tracking their cars... everyone could easily afford to give aol a few bucks for the benefit that RC provides.

    I've paid $20 for an ODB port reader, $80 for the GPS unit, $40 for RaceRender... no reason why RaceCrono should be free.

    The other solutions for doing lap timing are much more expensive. RC is much cheaper than an AIM Solo or Solo DL.

    One small request: Make it an all-or-nothing paid app. In-app purchase reminders can be pretty annoying.

  • I'm agree with you Bob.
    There so many people who ask for new features (and they're right, all these requests are pretty good and coherent), but so few people who help in development.
    So the result is that aol is making a titan job almost alone.

    Then, I'm also agree with the fact that an in-app purchase is a bad idea.
    I guess that RC will be split in 2 different versions : free (live timing) and premium (live timing + OBD).

    Last solution : RC free for every version but a big campaign for donation. ;-)
    Let's see what our "guru" thinks about that :D
  • aolaol
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    Hi, thanks for the ideas!

    - There will be a free version, with some in-app purchases. I will try to do the in-app purchases so that they do not annoy too many people. This is the 'cheap option' for people who just want some extra features.
    - There will also be a paid version with everything included, plus some stuff not available through in-app purchases in the free version. This is the 'premium option' for people who spend money on their hobby anyways.

    Notice that I do not plan to cripple the application, the stuff that are now free, will be in the future too. How does this sound? I'm not ready to reveal more yet :)
  • Hum, ok. Wait and see.
    Not sure about mixing free/premium and in-app purchase anyway, that sounds a bit complicated for users :/
  • aolaol
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    Yes, it being too complicated is one of my biggest fears. I hope I can make it simple enough.
  • i think one free version with in-app purchase is the way to go
    you only have one version to keep updated, and for the users there's only one version thats good
    we can use it check if its works fore us (we all know racechrono is very good, but fore new users )
    and when we want some more, we can buy the in-app's we need
  • i wote for one free with possibility to upgrade to premium and get the extragoodies.
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