GLONASS identification

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Hi there,
After several years of buying out of the race world, I'm starting to get back and RaceChrono is back on my phone :)
Is there any way of knowing which if the satellites are GPS and which are GLONASS? Can I see that it works with GPS and GLONASS at this moment?


  • There is no 100% way to identify if connected to both GPS and GLONASS afaik. When locking to both systems the device will lock easily to 12-20 satellites, as with only GPS it's rare to get more than 10.
  • OK, so what does the color/white ring means on the satellite map?
  • On Bluetooth GPS the white ring means the particular satellite has been locked to. I think NMEA only supports 12 of them, so some locked satellites might be missing the ring anyways. The color is signal level: red is low and green is high.
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