I tried to use RaceChrono for Dashware overlay and the csv had no OBD data

My setup

1)Sony actioncam asr-15----I shoot the video with it
2)Phone---Android phone, running th elatest version of racechrono
3)PC----using dashware to create the overlays
4)Elm---Chineese OBD reader---works great with torque

What I would like to do is shoot video with the sony, use the phone to capture the following information:
speed----from obd not gps, more accurate
gps cordinates-----internal phone gps for track position
acceleration-----from phone's gyro, not gps interpolation
throttle position----obd

I used racechrono today at autocross and when I got home it looks like the software used the gps for acceleration measurements, gps for speed and I saw no obd data in the exported file. Also the time column in the csv file had epoch time as opposed to elapsed time. If I exported the file for dashware I had to rename the time column. Basically exporting as RaceRender2/Dashware did not work unless I manually changed the time column to Timestamp. Also what Orientation does the phone have to be for the internal gyro data to be correct, is there a way to calibrate/verify within racechrono, should it be landscape or portrait?

This is the video I ended up with



  • aolaol
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    You have quite many questions packed in one message, so I will not even try to answer them all at once. Please ask follow up questions for more details and the questions I failed to answer.

    1) OBD-II data is exported only if it is recorded correctly. Please check your route graph if you can see the channels you intended to record. You can turn them on in graph settings.

    2) An updated version of Dashware should work with the RaceChrono's Dashware/RaceRender files. You might need to update your Dashware as this "v2" format was added quite recently. The old "v1" format doesn't have OBD-II data. You should not have to modify the file by hand. Epoch as the time is as intended on this format.

    3) RaceChrono calculates lateral and longitudinal acceleration channels from GPS. Optionally, you can turn on internal sensors recording from settings and then raw 3D values from them will be recorded. Unfortunately there is few bugs on some phones which will be fixed for next version. Also there is no rotation correction for these channels at the moment, so data is just raw accelerations in 3D space.
  • Thank you for the answers.

    I updated the dashware version and the files are accepted now, also I was able to get OBD-II data to export.

    The only issue remains is that the internal accelerometer data does not get exported, I am guessing that is the bug you are talking about. My phone is a LG LS-970(Optimus G) running Android 4.1.2. If I look at the guages during a sessions, the x,y and z acceleration is showing up but end up not making it into the csv file.
  • glebulon: OK, could be the same problem. I'm working hard on RaceChrono v3.00 and I'll introduce some fixes there.
  • I have a similar problem with the last Dashware v.1.5 The export is ok but the track is not showing in the synchronization tab. It looks like the time is not correct because in the synchronization tab it shows something like 23278151:48.667

  • Hi Ilian, can you email me the .CSV file to tracks(at)racechrono.com so I will take a look if the .CSV file is broken.
  • Ok, looks like DashWare doesn't support the timestamp format of RaceChrono yet. This is just standard unix time with milliseconds. I will contact the DashWare support.
  • I've contacted DashWare support about the timestamp and map problems with v2 export.
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