Export CSV problems


I am using RaceChono 2.45 connected to GPS Qstarz 818XT and OBDLink MX!

Fast channel : RPM , Throttle position
slow channel : coolant temperature, intake temperature

on the live view during the session every chanel has a value.
also on the Analysis i can see all of them,
but when I am exporting the session to CSV I only get the RPM , Throttle position values (and all GPS values), coolant temperature, intake temperature are missing!?



  • aolaol
    edited April 2014
    Hi, there is two different CSV formats. The RC2AVI (*_v1.csv) format has only RPM and throttle position. The RaceRender2 / Dashware format (*_v2.csv) has all OBD-II, RaceDAC and sensor channels.
  • ok thanks a lot !
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