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Export to GPX

edited May 2014 in RaceChrono for Android
does anybody know, how export route to gpx format please? It was possible in symbian version, but now I can export only in csv and so on (vbo, rcz, ...).

Or does anybody know any site, where can I view my route on map? I spent whole day how to convert csv to gpx or view csv on map. I have installed a tried many applications and sites but I have failed. I am really helpless.

RaceChrono is wonderful but I donť understand why isn´t now possible to export track to gpx. Because in later version it was possible.

And I wish please don´t leave current functions which RaceChrono has.

Thank you much in advance.


  • aolaol
    edited May 2014
    Hi Paja, the Android version is full rewrite from the Symbian version, so that's why it has some features missing, but also has other new features. I have put KML and GPX exports to my TODO list.
  • Hi Aol, I know it takes much time to do it, but I would like to ask you when it is real to await it? I used to view graph speed-distance/time or alttitude/distance-time this page: . But it accepts only GPX format and I am really sad that now I can´t use it because android version doesn´t support gpx file. Does anybody know how to convert csv or vbo file to gpx? I spent many days how to make it but without any success. Or does anybody know how to view csv or vbo file in any other application? I would like to see graph speed-distance/time. Thank you in advance.
  • Try exporting to a file using the RaceChrono v1.45 (NMEA) format then convert to a gpx file using GPSBabel (or one of it's online equivalents).
  • I have tried GPSBabel and other CSV to XML conversion tools, but I can't seem to make a valid .GPX file from RaceChrono exports (i.e. .csv, .nmea, ...) to work with Garmin's VIRB Edit application. Any chance we can get a direct export to .gpx for Garmin VIRB Edit support? Thank you in advance!
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