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I just upgraded to the Pro version. I use this on a roadracing sidecar. does the video start automatically when the session starts or do I have to start the session and then start the recorder? I'm confused by some of the comments I read, does the camera stop when the bike stops? in other words, if I start the app in the paddock and go out for my my warm-up lap will the camera stop recording on the grid? The data recording worked fine last weekend without a hitch - am hoping the video works the same way.


  • Hi, the video needs to be started separately from the video screen. If you record data while stopped then it makes sense to stop the video recording, as video takes a lot of storage space. There is no autostart/stop feature for the video currently, but this feature is coming soon.
  • thanks. what works best for me is to start the session, start the video, race then turn off both in the paddock. Hopefully a continuous run will be an option.
  • Sure, that option will remain!
  • Is there already an option to start the video recording together with the session?
  • It will be really useful if a session starts, Video can auto start once we are on the move using GPS as well as stop once we stop moving. At times, we are back to do some setup for 10-15min before hitting back. Leaving the sesssion on doesn't take up much battery & memory space but video will. Looking forward.......
  • Any update on this feature?
  • Not right now, but I will try to find the time to look in to this during the winter!
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