gps with best positional accuracy?

Of the current crop of consumer grade GPS's, which one has the best positional accuracy? I'm looking to get one for comparing autocross runs.



  • I use the BT818X for AutoSolo, which I guess is similar to what you're calling Autocross. You can see some of the example logs on my website, specifically those from the RosSolo are best.
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    Yeah, I think they're pretty similar.

    So, I guess I should ask... are the lines represented by your data the actual lines that you drove, or was there some variation from lap to lap?

    Thanks for the data!
  • The runs are only a few minutes apart and, yes, the lines from RaceChrono represent my lines. The less said about my lines the better, eh? I should really start looking for that apex...
  • If buying today you should get the 818XT which has 10Hz updates, should provide even better resolution for lines and splits.
  • I've been running the 818XT at 5hz rather than 10Hz, because the 818XT instruction manual implies that differential GPS (DGPS) is not available when operating at 10Hz! Strange. In any case, I would expect the increase in accuracy due to DGPS at 5Hz would far outweigh running at 10Hz without DGPS. If anyone knows of a way of running at 10Hz with DGPS positional accuracy enhancement, please let me know.
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