problem OBD with windows mobile edition

sorry for my English because I'm French.

I use 2 years on my HTC tytn2 racechrono with a bluetooth GPS receiver 5Hz. no worries.
recently, I bought a OBD2 reader bleetooth.
when I look at the RPM in "Livetime> toggle" I see them in real time.
but after 5 seconds, it freezes.
I tried it on my HTC HD2 and did the same.
even with the version "WIDCOMM".
it is the solution?


  • Ok, thanks for reporting, I'll try to reproduce this when I'm next running my HTC Touch DIamond.
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    @aol : have you got news ?
  • I had kinda the same problem with widcomm. It did not freeze but it couldn't lock to 10hz.
    Take a look at the workaround I found.
  • I have no problem with the GPS 5Hz.
    but with OBD.
  • akiskev: I watched your video and your workaround. It is very surprising and excellent! WIDCOMM is very special Bluetooth Stack !

    I have a hp iPaq pocketPC WM2005 with this stack ...
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    my problem in video :
  • solution ?
    I have a HTC HD2 and HTC tytn II.
    and they both do the same.
  • I give up on HD2.
    but on any device software racechrono work well with GPS 5hz BT and OBD BT ?
  • We have been using them for a little while on the Hardware version of the RC touchscreen. It doesn't freeze up like it does on some phones but mostly because we don't use the WIDCOMM stack and also our ODBII readers use the default 0000 passkey.
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    but on what model of phone that would work with BT GPS 5hz and OBD2 BT ?
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