Data interpolation to 25Hz?

Can racechrono interpolate 5Hz data to a 25Hz export file?


  • RaceChrono does no interpolation, but you could apply some post-processing of the export file to add the extra data. It's on the wishlist for RCnormalise, but I've not done anything with it for a year. What do you need interpolated data for? Is it to sync framerate of RaceChrono2AVI files with PAL video?
  • Hey Andy, thanks for replying. Yes, to sync frame rates but mainly because it looks really nice and smooth when overlaying the video. Is this possible to do? I'm not sure if you heard of the program called pinto for trackvision. Just something similar in that extend.
  • I actually formulized the data in an excel spreasheet. With a quick Macro and such it was pretty easy to do and smooth everything out nicely.
  • care to share?
  • NP, let me dig it up
  • I was aware of Pinto, but I didn't know there was a version for RaceChrono. It seems it's been out for a year now!
  • RC2Avi doesn't seem able to handle more than 10fps from my tests. If the CVS file contains more data, it runs out of sync. It will display all data, but for each row it increments the time by 0.1 seconds, even if the data timestamps are closer together.
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    Well, seems my worksheet got lost in my computer crash but it wasn't anything special.
    All I did was average the values in Row1Col1 with Row2Col1 for each row with a numeric value for 1000 rows on sheet two. The took the values of the cells and pasted them back onto the end of sheet one. Then I resorted the sheet by timestamp. I did this until I got the sampling rate I wanted and it smoothed all values.
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    damn.. that is too bad. I was really hoping to try it out. Well if you happen to redo the spreadsheet then please post it up. I'm sure im not the only one that would like to try it out.
    Yeah racechrono version of pinto has been out for a while but i cant get it to work. It errors out on me even after using the rcnormalise. I tried contacting the developer but i havent heard from him yet.
  • I've heard about problems with errors using Pinto with data from RCnormalise. I don't think it supports all the columns. Try exporting data from RaceChrono, then running it through Pinto before running it through RCnormalise.
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