OBD-II throttle position / Pro version

I down loaded this today on my note 3. I am able to get it to connect with my OBD2 device, but I can only log 3 things. Manifold pressure, RPM, and speed.
I really need it to track throttle position, but a cant get it to work. any suggestions?


  • aolaol
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    Once your OBD-II connects and starts receiving the channels, the "(button with arrow up) > Fast channels" will give you only the channels your car supports. Before that it will give all of them. It's good to wait for connection so you can select the channels that are actually supported. If you cannot see "Throttle position" channel, or it doesn't work, you can try "Relative throttle position", "Absolute throttle position B", "C", "Accelerator pedal position D", "E", or "F". There are vehicles with mechanical throttle where you get none of these. But with fly-by-wire throttles you should be able to get one of these working.
  • My truck is fly by wire. Its a 2002 f350 turbo diesel. I can get the info via torq. I will try it on my race bike later today to see if it works.
  • aolaol
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    Did you try these all of these throttle position channels I mentioned?
  • Yes I did.
  • When its connected. It only gives me those options listed above. When not connected it gives me all the options and I checked them. But when I reconnect its only the same 3 options
  • buchshot1, ok the ECU maybe reporting only those channels as supported, but actually supports more than that, since you said that Torque shows other channels too...

    To confirm that this is the case, can you record one two minute session for me with "Settings > Expert settings > Save device output" turned on, please? Then send me the *.obd file under /RaceChrono/session_date_time/ to tracks(at)racechrono.com and I'll have a look.
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    I will get that to you later today
  • It has been sent. Also just so you you know it works fine on my triumph.
  • aolaol
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    These are the 3 channels that the ECU says it supports. I will have to create "ignore" expert setting for this at some point, so it bypasses this check.
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