Best tablet for Race Chrono

Hi, have used Samsung Galaxy S4/S5 and Sony Experia Z3 phones with RC successfully, but want a slightly larger screen, potentially to mount in the car, but not as big as my 10" tablet. Has anyone any experience of using the Huawei M3 8" or similar with RCPro? Want to buy a suitable tablet for a fixable in car setup.


  • Shame no-one has any thoughts. I've purchased a 32GB 8" Samsung Tab2 so will see what that is like. Will post when I've tried it. I've also ordered a Gamin Glo and an OBD Link LX to go with it, so all set to data log on the cheap :smile:
  • Sorry for the lack of comments. Did you buy the Galaxy Tab S2 or the older Tab2? Which Android version does it have?
  • Not sure yet what it runs as it's not arrived yet -Christmas post! There seem to be lots of different Tab S2s. This is a 32GB 4G one I believe. The Glo works on my old Tab 10.1 though so that's promising.
    Will post results and specs here when tested as it's useful reference if/when things work well :-) Aiming to make some sort of mount using one of the armoured cases.
  • I think RaceChrono and the hardware you've bought will work perfectly together. Let me know the results though :)
  • It's a WiFi 4G Tab S2 and is running Android 7.0 .Will post results and specs here when tested as it's useful reference if/when things work well :-) .
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    The Tab S2 works particularly well with RC, using the garmin glo and the Link LX OBD, and also works well with the OBD software OBDLink supplied with the OBD connector plug. Also Dashcommand as an app is also useful and very functional.
    I am getting about 8Hz from the GLO, and can get throttle position as well as all the other functionality that is displayable off the car. Car is a 2011 Renault Megane 265 Trophy.
    I have put the S2 into a beetle case which I can velcro quite effectively into the centre console well on the car - fits as if designed! Need to now put my GoPro Hero in and get it synched up.
    All looking good - and it's impressed a few people already into signing up for RaceChrono!
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