Recovering lost sessions

Loving RaceChrono but literally gutted as I have just lost my best timed session! There's two things I was trying to do, luckily enough I downloaded the .rcz files first however they don't appear to do anything, my phone doesn't recognise that they can be opened with anything.. am I missing an import section? The other thing, I always forget to hit the resume session button, I read you can just move the files into "resume_1" and "resume_2" however the result of that was loosing everything!


  • @iansalter91 Basically the .rcz file is a copy of your session. Don't lose them, keep them as your backups. So if you have .rcz of your best session, you still have it, don't worry.

    Also do not touch the internal file structures without taking backups first. Also it requires some knowledge and carefulness to copy around the sessions to resume_1/ etc.

    The .rcz files often cannot be opened from "Downloads" In Android, but Google Drive, DropBox and Gmail attachments will work just fine. If you cannot open it at all then please tell me which phone and which Android version.

    If you go to the RaceChrono folder again, you see the (...)/files/sessions/ folder containing separate folders for each of your session. You can create your own folder there, starting with "session_". Let's say you create a folder "session_my_best_session" in there. Then make a copy of your .rcz file and rename it to .zip. Then copy the files in that .zip to that new folder. Now you have imported your session manually.

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