Bug deleting sessions?

Hi sorry to start with that.
I was deleting lots of sessions (samsung S8 latest flavor available in EU) and noted that:
To delete some session is mandatory to enter in each session and delete them one by one, it is not possible to select multiple sessions from the sessions' menu and then delete them in one action (it could be a useful feature).
After deleting 5 sessions, the top menu (come back to sessions list, resume, share, export, delete) disappear and no matter you do, it is needed to restart the app to bring it back.


  • aolaol
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    I agree with the list based deletion. The current way is clumsy.

    I tested deletion on a Samsung S9 (duos, EU), and could delete 10 session without problems.

    1) Can you send a screenshot of the issue to tracks(at)racechrono.com . Although probably cannot do anything about it before I can reproduce the issue on any of my devices.

    2) If you open 10 different sessions without deleting (open + back, open another + back ...), does the same happen?

    3) Is there any change if you reboot the phone?

    4) Is it always exactly 5 sessions you delete before the problem appears?
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    1. sent
    2. no, but now the problem disappeared ( :open_mouth: ).
    3. Restarting the phone was resetting the counter to 0.
    4. Yes it was.
    In the mean time i just installed a miniSD card.

    Best regards
  • Yeah definitely needs reproducing at one of my devices before I can do anything about it. Probably a bug in the phone...
  • Which Android OS version do you have?
  • 8.0 kernel 4.4.111-137600092-QB18535731 of June 14th.
    Build number R16NW.G950FXXU2CRF7
    Android security patch level 1 June 2018
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