'Move content from RaceChrono' not working

i've just bought the google play version of RC Pro (not the in-app purchase) and when launching the Pro version, i get prompted to move content. Yes, i want to do that.
when i click the 'Start' button, i get the 'waiting... 0%' screen for less than a second, and get put back to the main home screen of RCPro saying the import is done. no sessions or tracks have actually been migrated. i'd expect it to be very quick - i've only 4-5 sessions and a small custom track for testing on the road.

re-running the migration continues to fail. The free/trial RC app is still installed and hasn't yet been removed.

Is there any way to fix it, or shall i manually backup & move files to their new locations (as per http://racechrono.com/support > back/transfer to new device)?


  • Yep, it does not work on all Android versions. For now solution is to share every session separately from Session screen's top toolbar, as .rcz files to DropBox, Google Drive or similar, and then open them from there with the other app. There will be completely new restore/backup functionality in coming versions.
  • found a problem with that... the trial period expired and i can only export 120secs to rcz!
  • went with copying /Android/data/com.racechrono.app/files/session/ to /Android/data/com.racechrono.pro/files/session/ and seems to have worked. thanks!
  • aolaol
    edited September 2018
    The 120 sec limit is only when exporting. Sharing option is not limited. Yes copying folders works too, altough some IT skills needed there.
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