Data Jumps 2"30'

In the 6th lap in my session at Dijon, the data records a sector time of 2:35,27 in stead of the 15' it normally takes for that sector. From that point on the video and data do not match anymore. When I scroll thru the video over this sector the video does match.
What caused this and can I fix the data so that I can export the video of this session with correct overlay?


  • RaceChrono uses the time from GPS to do everything. If it receives time that jumps ahead, it's just happy to follow. So in this case the GPS time has jumped forward for some reason. GPS time is supposed to be accurate to a couple milliseconds, but some receivers are known to do this sometimes. Most commonly I hear this of QSTARZ BT-Q818 series devices... Which one do you have?
  • I use the Qstarz BT-Q818XT.
    Is there a way to fix the session by breaking it in 2 parts (and sync the video separately), or by changing the data manually, or... ?
    What would be the best choice of GPS today for Europe and for race track use?
  • Which phone do you have?
  • You cannot fix the sesson, but you can fix the video sync for the rest of the session. Just make a copy of the session, and move the sync on the second one, to match the rest of the session.

    Here's tutorial about syncing the videos:

    Here's the GPS recommendations:
  • Easiest way to make a copy of the session, would be to share it as .rcz, and then open that on the same phone...
  • I use a Samsung S3 mini to record the sessions. But I copy the sessions to a S9 to view and export the video's.
  • Well, if you like Samsungs, then Garmin GLO 2 maybe best for you. Read my notes about it here
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