GoPro 4 and 5 Differences aside of resolution

Dear All, is there any difference between applications/capabilities between GoPro 4 and 5 (except resolution, of course) together with Racechrono Pro and Garmin Glo ? Thanks in advance for your answers!


  • Well, I'm not really an expert on the topic, but I have both GoPro 4 Black and GoPro 5 Black, and the obvious difference is that 5 has a display and much better user interface. GoPro 5 Black also has a build-in GPS and sensors. Notice the GPS cannot be used in RaceChrono as a "live" GPS, but in future you will be able to import the data embedded to the videos recorded with it.

    If you're talking the difference between GoPro 4 Session and 5 Session, then the most notable difference is that 5 Session crashes a lot less than the 4 Session :)
  • Currently I'm using a cheap SJ400 but would like to change to a GoPro for an easier synchronization with Racechrono Pro. I don't want to spent much money on it so I am also interested in older/used models.
    I understood that the session 4 might not be a good idea for stability reasons. Are there other recommendations, which models should be preferred or better be avoided?
  • I'd buy the GoPro 5 Black, 6 Black or 7 Black. It has a GPS, and while it's not a very good GPS nor can it be connected "live", the metadata it produces to the video can be used for easier sync in upcoming versions of RaceChrono.
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    Personally, I do not like GoPro 6 Black and 7 Black because GP avoid Narrow FOV and use some kind of Digital-Zoom-In instead. Wich resets to zero, when you turn off/on the camera. I prefer Narrow FOV very much - in this configuration the road "seeing by eyes" fits perfect to the road, which you see after at the "big screen". But it is only very personal IMHO. :smile:

    Actually, I do not like in 5 black that the exposure point resets to average after turn off/on the camera. I mount the camera on the rollcage behind front seats, so I have to set exposure point on the road surface manually every time. Which is a little bit annoying. ))

    Time to time arises a glitch in GP 5 Black, when using external audio and charging simultaneously. Sometimes the camera did not see the external audio input and uses in-built mics. To solve this you need to turn off/on the camera and.... see above :wink:

    So, 4 black will be more convenient, I think. But 5 Black gives you better image quality. (I use 1080x60 mode). In a daylight, at least.... In the lowlight/night conditions all GoPros gives you something more like the Black Square of Malevich.

    As for GPS in 5 Black (it has 20 Hz) after testing and comparsion I can say that in an "open field" conditions Garmin GLO behind the windscreen gives just a little bit better accuracy.
    But when you adding trees, mountains, buildings and other complications "to the equation", accuracy of the GLO remains almost the same, but 5 black moves to quality of the smartphone's GPS.
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    And I agree with Antti, GP 5 Black gives better possibility to sync video, of course.

    And, If something happnes and you did not get data from GLO, you always have at least something from the GoPro's GPS. ))

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    @ASokolov Aren't 5, 6 and 7 Black pretty much the same what comes to FOV and digital zoom etc? The FOV can be changed, but like you say it's digital, not optical. Usually I just record 4K 60fps with full FOV and then crop afterwards if needed.

    On 7 Black there is a digital image stabilisation, that I personally turn off always. I have all three here to test.
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    @aol Yep, you are quite right. It is all in terms of digital, not optical.
    The difference is that in
    5 black at 1080x60 you can choose between SuperView, Wide, Medium, Linear, Narrow FOV options
    in 6 and 7 black - Linear, Wide, SuperView and Zoom-In option.
    (At least, It comes from User Manual. ;) I did't have a chance to put a hand on 6 or 7.)

    But of course it is a question of personal preferences. :smile:
    In rallying Narrow FOV is more convenient for me. But in "mass start" disciplines I would use Wide.

    Usually I have limited time between sections (or days) to load video direct in RaceChrono (or other software) to sync with data and analyze.
    In terms of end product quality it would be better to rescale 4K and adjust color settings and other things. Sure. But it takes time. ))

    I always turn off IS on any onboard camera too. These algorithms works fine in a case of walking, running, skiing etc. But not so good with vibrations from engine and road surface that we have in motorsports.
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    To the GPS theme.
    Two GPXs from the same run, recorded with
    Garmin GLO -

    GoPro5 Black -

    A lot of trees, mountains, siginificant elevation changes.
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