Trackvision & RaceChrono a match made in heaven !!!

Hi AOL, Great job again with the latest Beta and Trackvision support. I've just finished my first video which I've posted here -->

I have to say that the combination of RaceChrono and Trackvision has made the hole thing come to life. This time last year I wasn't even getting lap times and now I have all this, datalogging, video syncing...

Just one question, the other video you have on the news page has RPM data, was that done with the obdkey & would it work with a bike running a PowerCommander ?


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    I'm very glad you are so happy with the software! And great video! Too bad about the audio, I'd love to hear the exhaust note! I got the audio wrong on my video too, bought better mic for next time.

    And yes, the RPM and Throttle Position on my video was done with OBDkey. Don't know if it works with PowerCommander... But if it implements the standard OBD-II, it should work just fine. Let me know if you decide to test it.
  • Yes, sorry about the audio. I've tried a few things with the mic on the bullet cam to deaden the wind noise but nothing seems to work. I'll problem post another video with a soundtrack so it doesn't sound so bad and.
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    Maybe install the mic near the exhaust and make the recording level lower so it does not "cut" the high volumes. I installed my mic inside the car and still went wrong :-)
  • Only problem I have is that there's no mic input on the camcorder so I'd have to use separate recorder which could be to much with everything else going on, plus syncing the sound up may be a pain but I might give it a go.
  • Here's another version with a soundtrack and without the annoying wind noise -->
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