Frequently asked questions

  • Could we replace our transponder timing system with RaceChrono?
    • No. RaceChrono is lap timing and analysis app for personal use. It cannot be used as a centralised way to collect results for races or other multi-vehicle events.

  • Do you support any other Action Cameras than GoPro?
    • Video files from almost any action camera can be synced to RaceChrono sessions. Only requirement is that your phone supports the video files from your action camera. For GoPro cameras there’s additional features like remote control and video file download over Wi-Fi.

  • Can I transfer my RaceChrono Pro purchase from Android to iOS? Or vice versa?
    • Unfortunately this is not possible. The purchases are transferable between devices with the same Play Store account or App Store account, but not between accounts.

      There are technical reasons and contract reasons:

      1) License systems in iTunes App Store and Play Store are completely separate, and not in control of the app developer who doesn’t even see who has purchased the app. He sees only transactions with vague location, used payment method and amount.

      2) Both stores require in their contracts, that not a single app is sold without them getting their fee. So even if there was a way to transfer licenses, it would not be allowed.

  • I haven’t received My RaceChrono or Forum confirmation e-mail, please help?
    • Unfortunately due to spammers, e-mail does not work too well. Please check your spam folder. If the confirmation is in your spam folder, please mark it NOT SPAM, to help the spam filter to right direction for future email exchange.

      Also make sure you entered a valid e-mail address. I see often typos in the addresses of bounced e-mails, such as “@hotmail.con”…

      Then there’s the less common case where emails cannot be sent at all, due to RaceChrono’s mail server being blocked. Feel free to contact us through support page if your problem is not solved.

  • I haven’t received any reply to my support request. What’s going on?
    • My aim is to answer all support requests within 36 hours. Usual response time is within 24 hours. Sometimes the recipient email address is invalid, and sometimes the request is just lost. Please re-send if no response within acceptable time.

      Unfortunately due to spammers, e-mail does not work too well. Please check your spam folder for response from RaceChrono team, before resending your request. If the response is in your spam folder, please mark it NOT SPAM, to help the spam filter to right direction for future email exchange.

  • I want RaceChrono stickers to my motorbike and/or car. Could you send me some, please?
  • I want to connect my DIY sensor or data source to RaceChrono, is that possible?
    • Yes you can connect your DIY-devices through Bluetooth RFCOMM, with special $RC2 and $RC3 data formats. The device you need to select in RaceChrono settings is “RaceDAC” or “RaceDAC with GPS” depending if you mix $GPxxx sentences in the data stream or not. This protocol is currently supported in RaceChrono Pro for Android only, unfortunately not in iOS. This is because iOS does not support Bluetooth RFCOMM.

      Data format description (pick either $RC2 or $RC3 format, not both):

      1. $ is message start character
      2. RC2 and RC3 are message identifiers
      3a. Timestamp field is not used (empty), if your device doesn’t have GPS and does not output $GPxxx sentenced mixed with $RCx sentences
      3b. Timestamp in NMEA 0183 format if mixed output with $GPxxx sentences
      3a. Count is an overflowing line counter 0-65535
      3b. Count field is empty if if mixed output with $GPxxx sentences
      4. acc fields: -1.000 = -1G, 1.000 = +1G
      5. gyro fields: degrees per second, -1.000 = -1 deg/s, 1.000 = +1 deg/s
      6. dx are digital channel fields, range -2000000.000 – 2000000.000
      7. ax are analog channel fields, range -2000000.000 – 2000000.000
      8. * is message separator character
      9. NMEA 0183 type checksum, with two uppercase hexadecimal digits (one byte)
      10. each line is terminated with CR plus LF

      Notice: If you’re not using mixed $GPxxx sentenced, a steady update rate is needed for this format due to the algorithm that RaceChrono uses to synchronize with GPS time. So pick update rate that is close as possible to 1/5/10/20/30/40/50/100 Hz. If you have to skip an update due to data overflow, make sure you add the ‘count’ field even for the skipped updates.

  • Which OBD-II adapter should I buy?
    • The OBD-II standard became mandatory in 1996 for cars sold in US market, 2001 for cars sold in EU market and 2008 for cars sold in the Chinese market. So if you have earlier car, or car sold in other market, please search the internet that it really is supported before you purchase the OBD-II reader.

      On iOS:
      OBDLink MX Wi-Fi: Super fast update rate, on a modern car up-to 50 Hz. Uses Wi-Fi connection, which means you’ll need to switch your phone’s Wi-Fi network manually when using this adapter. Has a power saving feature, so it won’t drain your battery if you leave the adapter connected, and a physical button for pairing as a security measure.
      KiWi 3: Not too impressive update rate at 10-15 Hz, but it connects using Bluetooth LE, which means zero user action needed to connect when starting sessions. This also leaves your Wi-Fi available to control other devices, such as your GoPro action camera.

      On Android:
      OBDLink LX Bluetooth or MX Bluetooth: Super fast update rate, on a modern car up-to 50 Hz. Has a power saving feature, so it won’t drain your battery if you leave the adapter connected, and a physical button for pairing as a security measure.

      There’s many more adapters that will work, but the ones mentioned are the ones I’d buy. Notice the data rates mentioned are shared between the logged channels. So if you need to log 3 channels, and your adapter achieves 15 Hz update rate, it means it’s 5 Hz update rate per channel.

  • Which external GPS should I buy?
    • On iOS:
      Dual XGPS 160: In my opinion the best option currently. It’s 10 Hz and supports GLONASS satellites.
      VBOX Sport: Great option if you have more to spend. Make sure to get the external antenna.
      Garmin GLO: Great accuracy and affordable, but it must be connected through iOS Bluetooth settings, and you’ll get only 2.5-3.5 Hz update rate in iOS.
      Notice: Popular Bluetooth GPS receivers like Qstarz BT-Q818XT/X and similar will not work on iOS.

      On Android:
      Garmin GLO: In my opinion the best option currently. You’ll get 7-8 Hz update rate and supports GLONASS satellites with great accuracy.
      Dual XGPS 160: Not quite as accurate as Garmin GLO, but 10 Hz and supports GLONASS satellites.
      VBOX Sport: Great option if you have more to spend. Make sure to get the external antenna.

  • Where can I find old Android 2.x, Symbian and Windows versions of RaceChrono?
    • You can find the legacy versions from here. Notice that these versions are no longer maintained or supported, so you’re on your own with them.

  • I have a RaceChrono Touchscreen 3.5″ hardware, where do I get support for that?
    • The “RaceChrono Touchscreen” hardware still exists and is supported by Roost Industries. This web site and product support is dedicated for RaceChrono mobile apps only. The RaceChrono hardware project was a collaboration between Roost Industries and RaceChrono Oy. The device software was developed by RaceChrono Oy, and was based on the first generation of RaceChrono (the Symbian version). The hardware, support and sales was and still is done by Roost Industries.

Common issues for RaceChrono Pro for iOS users

  • Why am I getting constant “Connecting to GPS…” message with my Dual XGPS 160?
    • Some firmwares of Dual XGPS 160 have proven to have unreliable connection to iOS. Here’s a checklist for resolving the connection problems:

      1. Reboot your iOS device and power cycle the XGPS. Sometimes the connection goes to invalid state and can only be resolved by rebooting. Always try this first.
      2. Install ‘SkyPro GPS Status Tool’ app. Always try to connect with this app before blaming the third party apps. You can also try to update your GPS firmware with this app. As of writing this article, reliable firmwares according to my own tests are v1.5.1, v2.2.1, v2.4.1 and v3.4.0 depending on your hardware version.
      3. If you cannot connect at all, you can try to update the firmware using a Windows computer: http://gps.dualav.com/explore-by-lifestyle/car/xgps160-for-navigation-apps-new/#tabs-8
  • App is exiting abruptly or crashing, please can you fix?
    • Abrupt exits in iOS apps are crashes, which are caused by bugs in the app code. Fixing them is top priority, but to fix them we will need to know why it crashed. Here’s how to help to find the issue:

      1. Please make sure your device is sharing crash reports with the app developers. Please enable the ‘Share with App Developers’ analytics option as described in https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202100. If the option was turned off, please try to make the app crash once more, to make the crash report available to us.
      2. If the app is crashing on a particular session, please share the session as .rcz file (from the share button on top of session overview screen) and send it to tracks(at)racechrono.com
      3. If the app is crashing for video export or analysis, please also share the raw video files linked to the session, via DropBox, Google Drive or similar, if possible.
      4. Write a bug report using the support request form in http://racechrono.com/support/, describing the issue as well as possible, also mentioning your device model and iOS version.
  • How do I get my old sessions from my other device?
    • There’s no way to move the sessions in batch currently, but you can do it one-by-one.

      1. Open the session on your other device, and press the share button. This will create a .RCZ session file that contains the session data.
      2. Move the session file to your iCloud Drive
      3. Open the iCloud Drive app on your iOS device, and tap the session file
      4. Press share button, then choose “Copy to RaceChrono Pro”.
      5. Session will open in RaceChrono. Press Save icon to keep te session.

      Notice you can use any cloud drive service here, such as DropBox. You can even send the session file as e-mail attachment and open it in your iOS device.

  • How do I connect to my Garmin GLO receiver?
    • There’s no option for Garmin GLO in RaceChrono settings, as it cannot be connected directly. You need to go to iOS Bluetooth settings, and pair and connect your Garmin GLO from there.
      In RaceChrono settings, enable Internal GPS.Now you’re ready to start your session.

      Open your device details, from the red or green round button on the recording screen, to verify that the data is received from your Garmin GLO.

      If it says 1 Hz it’s recording the internal GPS. If it says anything more than 2 Hz, it it already recording data from your Garmin GLO.

Common issues for RaceChrono and RaceChrono Pro for Android users

  • Why do I get “Couldn’t pair with (device)…” message when trying to connect my new Bluetooth device?
    • Android system will report a “Couldn’t pair with (your device name) because of an incorrect PIN or passkey”, if the system cannot automatically pair with your new Bluetooth device, when RaceChrono connects to it when starting a new session for the first time.

      Your device may have a button that needs pressed to allow pairing (for example on OBDLink LX and MX). Press that button and your device should now connect. You need to do this only once, after which the device is paired, and will connect automatically the next time.

      If that does not work for you, you can also go to Android’s Bluetooth settings an pair the device manually, before starting a new session with RaceChrono. The device may request a PIN code that you have received from the device manufacturer, or just a default PIN such as 0000 or 1234.

  • I’m having connection problems to my Garmin GLO, how to resolve?
    • 1) Uninstall “Bluetooth GPS” app if you installed it (according to Garmin instructions). You do not need it with RaceChrono, and in fact it obstructs RaceChrono from directly connecting to your GPS receiver.

      2) Make sure you have “Settings > Expert Settings > Bluetooth fix” disabled. If you enable it, your phone no longer connects to Garmin GLO.

  • I have purchased the ‘Pro upgrade’ in-app-purchase, how to activate it?
    • The ‘Pro upgrade’ in-app-purchase for RaceChrono for Android will activate immediately after the purchase. The application name (and icon) will remain as RaceChrono, and will not change to RaceChrono Pro, but the app features will upgrade 100% to ones of RaceChrono Pro. There’s no difference. If the ‘Pro upgrade’ item in the upgrade screen says ‘Bought’, the upgrade is bought and activated.

      That said, there’s couple of things to consider.

      1) When you change phones, or want to install on your secondary device, make sure you install the RaceChrono app, not the RaceChrono Pro app. It will upgrade automatically, as it did for the first time.

      2) Make sure you do not disable ‘Contacts’ permission in Settings (Android) > Applications > RaceChrono > Permission. This permission used only for Google login and validating in-app-purchases. If you disable it, you will not get RaceChrono Pro features on your app. Notice: RaceChrono doesn’t access your contacts at all; Google confusingly included accessing user’s Google account name under this ‘Contacts’ permission…

      3) You need to have same Play Store account on all of the devices where you want to use RaceChrono on.

      4) If you just made the purchase on one phone, and do not get the upgrade immediately on your second device, you can reboot the second device and open the Play Store app. This is to update the inventory of purchased items. Also open (and re-open if needed) the Upgrade screen in RaceChrono to update the inventory. Your purchase should appear there eventually, and then your purchased items will say “Bought” on the button next to it.

  • How to fix video export failing with “Failed: Video/audio codec”?
    • This error message is caused by failure to initialise the hardware codecs for video export. Usually the problem is that the source video files, or combination of main and picture-in-picture video files, are not supported by your device.

      You might run in to this issue, if you have recorded high resolution videos with your action camera, and try to export them using a low end or mid-tier phone. Even some high end phones may fail, if you try to export a video with picture-in-picture with very high resolution sources.

      Examples of device/video combinations that are known to fail:

      – Samsung S6 using 2.7K or 4.0K main video with 1080p PIP video. It will work if both main and PIP videos are 1080p.

      – Samsung Tab 3 10.1 using 1080p video source. The device has only 720p camera so the export will fail for anything more than that. You’ll need to use 720p video source.

      To fix the issue you should try the following:

      – Uncheck the “Use hardware acceleration” checkbox from the export screen. This will make the export slower, and you’ll loose the picture-in-picture option, but it will work regardless of the source video resolution.

      – Record future videos with lower resolution

      – Downscale your high-resolution source videos to lower resolution. You can do this with ffmpeg command line tool for example:
      ffmpeg -i SOURCE.MP4 -vf scale=1920:1080 -c:v libx264 -crf 14 -preset veryslow -c:a copy DOWNSCALED.MP4
      This will downscale your video to 1080p. Edit the line for any other resolution you need. The DOWNSCALED.MP4 is filename of the downscaled video. Use original filenames and copy them to your phone, and always keep the original video for future use.

  • I’m getting “Play Store license validation failed” error at startup, how to fix it?
    • This is caused by failure in checking Play Store license. RaceChrono checks the license periodically, so if you hit this error, there’s a few things you need to check:

      1) Make sure your device has internet connection. It does not need the connection for every start, but if you keep running the app without connection, you will eventually hit this error.

      2) Make sure you’re logged with your Google account, and it is the same that you made your RaceChrono app purchase. Open the Play Store app; the account name is shown on the top of the menu.

      3) Make sure your phone time, date and time zone is correct. The verification will fail if it thinks the license has already expired.

  • How do I join the beta group?
  • How to backup my sessions or transfer them to a new device?
    • Here’s a short list of what you want to backup, especially if you want to uninstall the app, or factory reset your phone. Pro-tip: archive the files on source phone, and unarchive on target phone.; Transferring many single files over USB is notorious for causing corruption. I know this whole process should be a feature in the app. Will be at some point.

      RaceChrono v4.5.0 and newer

      – internal storage: /Android/data/com.racechrono.app/files/ (sessions, tracks, exported files)
      – internal storage: /DCIM/RaceChrono/ (raw videos)
      – external storage: /Android/data/com.racechrono.app/files/ (raw videos, exported files)

      RaceChrono Pro:
      – internal storage: /Android/data/com.racechrono.pro/files/ (sessions, tracks, exported files)
      – internal storage: /DCIM/RaceChrono/ (raw videos)
      – external storage: /Android/data/com.racechrono.pro/files/ (raw videos, exported files)

      Notice: The /Android/data/com.racechrono.app (RaceChrono) and /Android/data/com.racechrono.pro (RaceChrono Pro) folders are deleted upon app’s uninstall. So if you uninstall, all your sessions and tracks (and raw videos on external storage) will be deleted. This has changed due to 3rd party cleanup apps, and even Samsung’s own apps, are known to delete the /RaceChrono/ folder on unprotected space that was used by prior versions.

      RaceChrono v4.4.0 and older

      – internal storage: /RaceChrono/ (sessions and tracks)
      – internal storage: /DCIM/RaceChrono/ (raw videos)
      – internal storage: /Android/data/com.racechrono.app/files/ (exported files)
      – external storage: /Android/data/com.racechrono.app/files/ (exported files, raw videos)

      RaceChrono Pro:
      – internal storage: /RaceChrono/ (sessions and tracks)
      – internal storage: /DCIM/RaceChrono/ (raw videos)
      – internal storage: /Android/data/com.racechrono.pro/files/ (exported files)
      – external storage: /Android/data/com.racechrono.pro/files/ (exported files, raw videos)

      Notice, if you ever need to uninstall RaceChrono the folder under /Android/data/com.racechrono.* is deleted upon app uninstall. Makes sense at least backup the RAW videos on external storage for Pro version. The /RaceChrono/ folder is not deleted but it makes sense to backup it frequently.

  • I purchased RaceChrono Pro earlier. Why does Play Store ask me to purchase again?
    • Once you purchase RaceChrono Pro, you are allowed to re-install again for free, even when you buy a new phone or install it on your second device.

      If Play Store asks you to purchase again, you’ll need to check a couple of things to have it sorted:

      1) Check your purchases from Google Payments. To view your Play Store payment history, you must be logged in with same Google account as on your phone. Look for RaceChrono purchase.

      2) Make sure you have the same Google Account activated on your phone, as the one that you made the purchase with.

      3) If your purchase says Pro upgrade (RaceChrono), it means you have purchased the Pro upgrade in-app-purchase on the RaceChrono app. You will need to install RaceChrono, not RaceChrono Pro. The Pro upgrade is then automatically activated. RaceChrono with Pro upgrade is 100% similar to the RaceChrono Pro app. Only difference are the name and the icon.

      4) If your purchase says RaceChrono Pro, it means you have purchased the separate RaceChrono Pro app, and you should be able to install it from Play Store without additional payments.

      If you’re still having problems, do not hesitate to create a support request!

Support request

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