Tutorial: Remote controlling GoPro action camera

The GoPro remote control feature has been rewritten for RaceChrono v5.4, and the usage has been changed a bit. Please read this new tutorial about it. For most of the parts this tutorial applies for everyone, but some points are specific for certain camera model or phone operating system.

Camera configuration

  1. Please familiarise yourself with how to record video with the internal camera first.
  2. Make sure your camera has been paired with your phone. Best and only way to do this properly, is to install the official GoPro (formerly Capture) app, and add your camera there. If you’ve had a while not using the camera with the GoPro app, you might need to use it to connect to your camera again, before doing that with RaceChrono. Connecting with the GoPro app, you make absolutely sure the camera Wi-Fi (and Bluetooth with some models) has been paired properly with your phone.
  3. Go to RaceChrono > Settings and tap the ‘Add camera’ button.
  4. Carefully select your GoPro model from the list, and enter your camera details:
    • Connect Wi-Fi automatically: When this is enabled, RaceChrono tries to connect to your camera Wi-Fi network automatically. Correct Wi-Fi name (SSID) and password is required when this option is enabled. Not supported on iOS 10 or earlier. When this option is disabled, or not supported, you will need to manually connect to your camera Wi-Fi before trying to connect with RaceChrono.
    • Wi-Fi name: Wi-Fi name of your camera. Available in “Camera info” menu of GoPro 5 and later. User defined in GoPro 4 and earlier.
    • Password: Wi-Fi password of your camera. Available in “Camera info” menu of GoPro 5 and later. User defined in GoPro 4 and earlier.
    • Use default IP-address: Keep enabled unless you know what you’re doing.
    • Connect using Bluetooth: Connecting through Bluetooth allows easier setup; no Wi-Fi name or password will be needed. Camera will be controlled through Bluetooth LE connection, but the preview and video downloads will be done through a Wi-Fi connection. Available only for GoPro 5 and later, and it does not work reliably with some Android phones.

Recording videos using your GoPro camera

  1. Turn on your camera, and turn on Wi-Fi (or “Wireless”) on your camera. The Wi-Fi is already turned on if you’ve just connected using the official GoPro app. General rule is that for GoPro 4 and earlier you will always need to turn on Wi-Fi first. For GoPro 5 and later, you can assume Wi-Fi is turned on if the the camera has been paired with your phone properly, and has recently been turned on.
  2. If “Connect Wi-Fi automatically” is disabled or unsupported: Manually connect switch your phone to the camera’s Wi-Fi network. You will always need to do this on iOS 10 or earlier, as the automatic connection is not supported there.
  3. Start new RaceChrono session and switch to the camera preview screen. RaceChrono then starts connecting to your GoPro camera. iOS only: RaceChrono might ask permission to join the camera Wi-Fi network. Notice if the Wi-Fi is once gained and then lost, RaceChrono will be unable to reconnect to it. You’ll need to reconnect manually or disable+enable the camera from the preferences box.
  4. Both internal and GoPro cameras are used for video recording as default, but you can disable either of the cameras from the camera preferences boxes. You can also change your GoPro resolution and FPS settings.

  5. GoPro 4 and later: You can disable (and enable) the camera preview by tapping the preview icon. The preview will be turned off once recording is started. Camera preview will need Wi-Fi connection to work.
  6. Tap the ‘Record video’ button on right side of the screen to start recording video. Your GoPro action camera should start video recording immediately. Same button (or ‘Stop recording’ button) will also stop the video recording.
  7. The video files will appear as “placeholders” in your session’s video list, as they cannot be downloaded while recording. After recording your session and its videos, the next step is to copy the video files over to your phone, or download directly from your session’s video list. For GoPro 5 and later, you will need to connect to your camera again from your session’s video list, in order to resolve the video file names that have been recorded.


  • If you’re having trouble connecting, or maintaining connection to your camera, please make sure you have “Connect Wi-Fi automatically” setting disabled. The automatic connection can be tricky, and does not always work reliably. When this setting is disabled, you’ll need to manually connect to your camera’s Wi-Fi before starting a new session.