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Trusted by enthusiasts and professionals alike

RaceChrono apps have a strong following, currently over 100000 active users on iOS and Android devices. If you look around at pits during your race or track day, chances are that you’ll see someone using RaceChrono. Even many professionals, such as factory test drivers and race driving instructors, are known to use this app! No matter whether you ride motorbikes, drive go-karts or cars, on closed circuit or special stage tracks – this is the motorsports app for you.

Made with passion since 2007

RaceChrono app started its “life” in early 2007 as a fun hobby project for my new Nokia Series 60 phone. Fast forward major milestones: Top 10 app in Nokia’s Ovi Store with over a million downloads (2009), RaceChrono app for Android (2012), RaceChrono Pro for Android with video functionality (2014) and RaceChrono Pro for iPhone and iPad (2017).

Funded by European Regional Development Fund

RaceChrono has received funding from the European Regional Development Fund to develop next generation RaceChrono app that utilizes new technologies for data processing.

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