Change log for RaceChrono Pro v8.0.7 for iOS

Change log for RaceChrono Pro v8.0.7 for iOS (8.7.2023):

  • Completed German and French translations
  • Changed: The selected video overlay is now same for Analysis and Overlaid video export 
  • Fixed: Legacy overlay’s map background alpha
  • Fixed: All selected graph channels appeared in same color
  • Fixed: Wrong overlay aspect ratio for non-16:9 video frames when exporting video

Change log for RaceChrono Pro v8.0.5 for iOS (6.7.2023):

  • Added build number to the About screen
  • Changed: Default Location API mode set to “Best”. This can be changed in Expert settings.
  • Fixed: Allow selecting GPS time for digital displays
  • Fixed: Time delta defaults again to two decimals
  • Fixed: Digital gauge value font scaling
  • Fixed: Disappearing seek bar

Change log for RaceChrono Pro v8.0.3 for iOS (28.6.2023):

  • Added: Real lateral acceleration, longitudinal acceleration and lean angle channels are now calculated from IMU data. Supported IMUs are the phone’s internal sensors, as well as RaceBox Mini / Mini S. When using the internal sensors, the phone needs to be on a holder for the whole duration of the session.
  • Added: A new overlay editor with much more configurability
  • Added: Renewed analysis screen with an X/Y graph
  • Added: Map path and markers can be selected from any available data channel
  • Added: Smooth background colour transitions when using delta displays without the delta bar (contributed by Timur Iskhodzhanov)
  • Added: +/- signs not displayed for values very near zero (contributed by Timur Iskhodzhanov)
  • Added: Single gauge layout for Live screen
  • Added: Calculated combined acceleration channel for devices with lateral and longitudinal acceleration channels
  • Added: Support for Vgate vLinker and Vgate iCar series OBD-II readers
  • Added: Support for RaceBox Mini S, Qstarz LT-8000GT and Columbus P-9 Race GPS receivers
  • Changed: Minimum supported iOS version is now 13.0 (was 11.0)
  • Fixed: Opening .CSV files through the operating system
  • Fixed: .VBO export column identifiers
  • Removed: “Save debug logs” expert setting. Use the “Send support dump” instead
  • Fixed: RaceBox Mini sessions some times recorded with wrong start time/date
  • Fixed: Couple AIM .csv importing issues
  • Fixed: OBD-II RPM and Speed not visible until first GPS fix

Change log for RaceChrono Pro v7.6.6 for iOS (16.12.2022):

  • Fixed: Tyre temperature gauge glitch when used with Alsense sensors
  • Fixed: Memory leak in analysis Analysis screen

Change log for RaceChrono Pro v7.6.4 for iOS (2.11.2022):

  • Added: Remote control support for GoPro HERO 11
  • Added: Official support for Alsense ALS Tire BLE tire temperature sensor
  • Fixed: Allow multi-line comments in AIM .CSV imports
  • Fixed: Broken lap timing metadata in .VBO exports
  • Fixed: Export queue reported erroneous “No data to export” when exporting items from multiple sessions or when the queue was opened from the main screen

Change log for RaceChrono Pro v7.6.3 for iOS (7.9.2022):

  • Fixed: Crash when importing GoPro sensor data from more than one video file at once 

Change log for RaceChrono Pro v7.6.2 for iOS (26.8.2022):

  • Fixed: GoPro sensor data could not be imported when selecting file from the Photos app (since v7.6.1)
  • Fixed: Video files were not always downloaded with full resolution from the iCloud Photos

Change log for RaceChrono Pro v7.6.1 for iOS (22.8.2022):

  • Big fix: GoPro remote control feature works properly again on GoPro 9 and 10, and video file downloads are faster and more reliable
  • Added: Possibility to add narrower traps (10 and 15 meters)
  • Added: Photos app picker is now used in Import screen for iOS 14 and later
  • Added: Feature to delete ‘My RaceChrono’ account from the app
  • Added: Wheel Turtle temperature sensors now officially supported
  • Changed: Removed POI annotations from satellite maps
  • Changed: Importing is no longer automatically started for “dropped” files
  • Changed: Added second decimal to the distance gauge
  • Fixed: Too low remaining storage space reported by the video preview screen
  • Fixed: Decimal value rounding changed from Java default “half even” to “half up”

Change log for RaceChrono Pro v7.5.3 for iOS (20.6.2022):

  • Added: Experimental support for Wheel Turtle temperature sensors
  • Fixed: RaceBox mini accuracy channel magnitude
  • Fixed: Possible crash when opening a session
  • Fixed: Missing translations

Change log for RaceChrono Pro v7.5.2 for iOS (7.4.2022):

  • Added: Convenience button for registering an account
  • Added: Configurable video fade in and out for video export
  • Added: Better names for exported files
  • Added: Speed workaround -expert setting for older versions of Transystem GL-770
  • Removed: Non-functional video quality setting
  • Fixed: Crash when trying to pick files from Photos app for importing
  • Fixed: Broken navigation bar when picking files from Photos app for importing

Change log for RaceChrono Pro v7.5.1 for iOS (8.3.2022):

  • Added support for RaceBox Mini
  • Added experimental support for Alsense ALS Tire BLE tire temperature sensor
  • Added bytesToFloat and bytesToFloatLe functions
  • Added custom channels imported from .VBO files
  • Added “Odometer” and “Gear” standard OBD-II channels
  • Added “Drift angle” channel
  • Improved Import screen
  • Improved adding Bluetooth devices; multiple devices with same name is now allowed
  • Improved filtering of scanned Bluetooth devices
  • Improved: Session list sorting type selection is now persisted
  • Fixed: Gauge titles in live screen
  • Fixed: scale, lowPass and highPass functions no longer return integer values (only floats)
  • Fixed: Sometimes an old or invalid GPS location and time is used at session start
  • Fixed: Distance gauges did not display any value

Change log for RaceChrono Pro v7.4.4 for iOS (17.12.2021):

  • Fixed: Broken text editors

Change log for RaceChrono Pro v7.4.3 for iOS (19.11.2021):

  • Improved: Connections now recover when Bluetooth is turned off and on again
  • Fixed: Time delta shows zero after new best lap (since v7.4.1)
  • Fixed: GoPro import may link the video file to a wrong time
  • Fixed: GoPro import problem with accelerometer and gyroscope data
  • Fixed: Zombie files may be left behind after importing
  • Fixed: Missing video file selection in Analysis screen

Change log for RaceChrono Pro v7.4.1 for iOS (5.11.2021):

  • Added Bluetooth LE Monitor API for the RaceChrono DIY device
  • Fixed: Issues with standing starts
  • Fixed: Wrong lap displayed in analysis when opening a single sector for a reference lap
  • Fixed: Wrong timer information on video overlay when a reference lap was analysed
  • Fixed: Problem with multi-frame OBD-II responses
  • Fixed: Missing picture-in-picture placeholder in Overlay editor
  • Fixed: Main video sometimes erroneously flipped, when exporting a picture-in-picture video
  • Fixed: Videos linked from the Photos app are now loaded from all folders named ‘RaceChrono’
  • Fixed: RaceHF battery indicator not visible

Change log for RaceChrono Pro v7.3.0 for iOS (12.7.2021):

  • Added new CSV v3 export format with more elaborate column headers
  • Added export for Z1 Analyzer
  • Added battery level indicator for multiple different type of sensors
  • Added accelerometer and gyroscope data for GoPro sensor data import
  • Improved: VBO export column names
  • Improved: Nicer format for the solution in the Custom Channel Editor
  • Fixed: Broken overlay gauge updates after editing or changing it
  • Fixed: Missing heading and lap times when importing .FIT files from Garmin Catalyst
  • Fixed: Importing a Vehicle profile might overwrite an existing one
  • Fixed: Unnecessary “Elapsed time” columns in CSV v2 export
  • Fixed: Unnecessary “Distance” columns in VBO export
  • Fixed: Latitude/Longitude channels in custom channel editor
  • Fixed: Inverted accelerometer readings to match other platforms

Change log for RaceChrono Pro v7.2.7 for iOS (20.5.2021):

  • Fixed: Crash when resolving device delay
  • Fixed: The last “in lap” was not displayed in the lap list
  • Fixed: Incomplete laps displayed as 0:00.00 in Analysis screen drop downs
  • Fixed: Missing rounding in live lap timer

Change log for RaceChrono Pro v7.2.6 for iOS (26.4.2021):

  • Fixed: Videos from Tesla Track Mode exported in invalid resolution

Change log for RaceChrono Pro v7.2.5 for iOS (22.4.2021):

  • Added experimental support for Wit Motion BLE 5.0 IMU-sensor
  • Fixed: OBD-II connection initialisation failed sometimes (OBDLink LX for example)
  • Fixed: Export failed if source video files did not have audio (such as Tesla Track Mode video files)
  • Fixed: Video export could become “stuck” at 0% after internal error

Change log for RaceChrono Pro v7.2.4 for iOS (10.4.2021):

  • Support for GM VPW DPIDs
  • Improved: Engine load -channel is now available for custom channels
  • Fixed: OBD-II data logging failed if reader power was lost at any point during a session (readers with Bluetooth LE connection only)
  • Fixed: AIM and Tesla Track Mode data logger channels not properly imported on Android 7.0 and earlier
  • Fixed: AIM and Tesla Track Mode import data logger channels resolution
  • Fixed: Possible end-of-session crash

Change log for RaceChrono Pro v7.2.3 for iOS (26.3.2021):

  • Added support for OBDLink CX
  • Added importing for Tesla Track Mode files (.csv)
  • Added importing for iRacing telemetry files (.ibt)
  • Added importing for AIM Data Logger files (.csv)
  • Added 5 Hz support for Transystem GL-770
  • Added many new custom channel names
  • Improved: OBD-II custom channel PIDs (requests) are now allowed up-to 8 bytes in length
  • Removed redundant Rear brake position -channel
  • Fixed: GoPro video files embedded GPS data was not always imported properly
  • Fixed: Air/Fuel ratio -channel was not available for custom channels
  • Fixed: CAN-Bus data logging using OBDLink reader was broken for PID numbers less than 256
  • Fixed: CAN-Bus channels were hidden in Vehicle profile if there was no reader device configured
  • Fixed: bitsToUintLe and bitsToIntLe did not always return correct values
  • Fixed: Broken .fit file import from Garmin Fenix 6X Pro

Change log for RaceChrono Pro v7.1.0 for iOS (8.2.2021):

  • Added remote control support for GoPro 9 
  • Added support for Bluetooth Smart LNS -standard (for example Transystem GL-770, 1 Hz GPS)
  • Added analysis adjustment for GPS position shift
  • Added analysis adjustment for device delay
  • Added “OBD-II response prefix” field to channel editor, to allow all J1850-VPW channels to be recorded
  • Added support for lean angle in importing .VBO files
  • Improved Vehicle profile’s test connection and live data
  • Fixed: Invalid values were not filtered when importing GoPro embedded GPS data
  • Fixed: Further problems with video linking to sessions with one or more resumes
  • Fixed: Timer values changed to 0.0 at the end of video, when exporting the last lap of the session

Change log for RaceChrono Pro v7.0.9 for iOS (28.9.2020):

  • Fixed: Another Audio/Video codec failure when exporting a session with more than two source video files
  • Fixed: Speed delta channel was not selectable for analysis

Change log for RaceChrono Pro v7.0.8 for iOS (23.9.2020):

  • Fixed: Audio/Video codec failure when exporting a session with more than two source video files
  • Fixed: Playback was muted in “Silent mode”

Change log for RaceChrono Pro v7.0.7 for iOS (16.9.2020):

  • Fixed: Persistent high CPU usage after importing
  • Fixed: Lateral acceleration and Lean angle -channels were not properly interpolated
  • Fixed: Possible crash

Change log for RaceChrono Pro v7.0.5 for iOS (7.9.2020):

  • Fixed: Video export with picture-in-picture always failed
  • Fixed: A few crashes

Change log for RaceChrono Pro v7.0.4 for iOS (18.8.2020):

  • Fixed: Map view sometimes became unresponsive to touches
  • Fixed: Track editor trap marker size
  • Fixed: Map type button logic (on Apple Maps)

Change log for RaceChrono Pro v7.0.3 for iOS (17.8.2020):

  • Fixed: Broken NMEA 0183 exporting
  • Fixed: Possible crash when trying to record CAN-Bus
  • Fixed: OBD-II connection did not properly recover from “CAN ERROR”
  • Fixed: Opening .VBO files from other apps

Change log for RaceChrono Pro v7.0.1 for iOS (10.8.2020):

  • Added purchasable reference sessions by Sylvain Guintoli (2014 FIM World Superbike Champion)
  • Added comparison video in analysis
  • Added session list sorting and searching
  • Added Race time and Race distance -channels, that measure since first lap start
  • Added Lap timer channels can now be used in gauges and graphs
  • Added import for Qstarz BL-1000GT file format
  • Added optional Google maps to settings
  • Added sign-in with Apple account
  • Improved: Importing large files
  • Improved: Sessions can now be “cut” by exporting in .RCZ format and using the “Laps” scope
  • Improved: Time delta and speed delta are now selectable and displayed when comparison graphs are hidden
  • Improved: GoPro GPS jitter elimination
  • Changed: “Export queue” button moved from Session list to Main screen
  • Dropped support for iOS 10 due to external libraries
  • Fixed: Distance x-axis graphs (and the distance channel) were sometimes broken for RaceDAC, RaceChrono DIY and some other devices
  • Fixed: Multiple problems with video synchronisation
  • Fixed: Inconsistent video channel numbers were allowed when using GoPro chapter files or the “Link after…” feature
  • Fixed: Importing GPS data from large (12 GB) GoPro files was broken
  • Fixed: Broken .VBO import when recorded over midnight (UTC)
  • Fixed: Possible error when importing .RCZ file created by hand
  • Fixed: Added missing checks for Bluetooth permission
  • Fixed: App sometimes stuck loading a session when “Auto-detect again” option has been enabled

Change log for RaceChrono Pro v6.4.2 for iOS (3.7.2020):

  • Fixed: Unable to restart video recording after file split at 2 GB on some phones
  • Fixed: Accelerometer data import from .VBO files
  • Fixed: Possible crash

Change log for RaceChrono Pro v6.4.1 for iOS (8.6.2020):

  • Fixed: Problem with starting OBD-II connection before car is running
  • Fixed: Satellite count in .VBO imports

Change log for RaceChrono Pro v6.4.0 for iOS (31.5.2020):

  • Added import for .VBO files by VBOX Sport, RaceHF Bean and many others
  • Added recommended products screen
  • Added accelerometer recording and battery level display for RaceHF Bean
  • Fixed: Possible crash when recording OBD-II data

Change log for RaceChrono Pro v6.3.0 for iOS (1.4.2020):

  • Added new settings “Auto-detect my tracks only” and “Auto-detect again if finished”. The latter one should be useful for rally events with multiple different special stages.
  • Added new setting “Split video files”. If disabled the video will be recorded to one large file.
  • Improved: DIY CAN-Bus API now allows payload length up-to 16 bytes 
  • Fixed: Channel postfix field was not displayed in CAN-Bus channel editor 

Change log for RaceChrono Pro v6.2.1 for iOS (30.12.2019):

  • Added remote controlling GoPro HERO 8. Requires pairing with official GoPro app, so in effect this requires iOS 12 or later.
  • Added video stabilisation option to camera configuration box
  • Improved Automatic Wi-Fi connections
  • Fixed: Problem re-connecting to Bluetooth (non-LE) devices when starting another session
  • Fixed: Preview rotation on GoPro HERO 7

Change log for RaceChrono Pro v6.1.5 for iOS (11.11.2019):

  • Fixed: Missing OBD-II channels for some vehicles (bug introduced in v6.1.2)
  • Fixed: Crash when clearing Default OBD-II header field

Change log for RaceChrono Pro v6.1.2 for iOS (29.10.2019):

  • Added support for Dark Mode
  • Added lens selection (Ultra-wide / Wide / Narrow) for phones with multiple camera lenses
  • Added support for PGEAR P600 (not tested with other models yet) and UniCarScan UCSI-2000
  • Added experimental support for RaceHF Bean and Freelogic Wi-Fi light
  • Added possibility to change OBD-II header for custom channels
  • Added support for multi-frame OBD-II responses 
  • Improved .fit file import; now works with files exported from Suunto app 
  • Improved OBD-II update rates slightly
  • Dropped support for iOS 9 due to external libraries
  • Fixed: Automatic Wi-Fi connections on iOS 13
  • Fixed: Failure to connect GoPro HERO 4 Silver
  • Fixed: Video file import fail sometimes
  • Fixed: Allow “Open in” from other apps for .txt files
  • Fixed: NMEA GPRMC sentences with 13 fields were not recorded
  • Fixed: Problem with RC3+NMEA when GPS time moving backwards

Change log for RaceChrono Pro v6.0.11 for iOS (24.7.2019):

  • Fixed: DashWare support; wrong Latitude and Longitude header (broken since v6.0.0)
  • Fixed: Crash when entered wrong TCP port number for a device

Change log for RaceChrono Pro v6.0.10 for iOS (15.7.2019):

  • Added Russian translation
  • Added “GPS week rollover compensation” -expert setting to allow workaround for faulty GPS receivers that report wrong date, such as some old Qstarz receivers.
  • Added bytesToUintLe and bytesToIntLe functions for extracting little-endian integers from OBD-II and CAN-Bus data
  • Updated to RejsaRubberTrac protocol v2
  • Fixed: Vehicle profile was not saved after selecting channels in Live recording screen
  • Fixed: Evaporator pressure OBD-II channel values
  • Fixed: RC2/RC3 mixed with NMEA 0183 sentences were not recorded when “counter” field was used instead of absolute timestamp

Change log for RaceChrono Pro v6.0.8 for iOS (21.6.2019):

  • Fixed: Coordinates not displayed correctly when moving a trap
  • Fixed: Exported video sometimes upside down when source video was from the Photos app
  • Fixed: Importing raw video files from Photos app
  • Fixed: Shared session did not always open correctly
  • Fixed: “Move to Photos app” menu option was available in export queue, even when user had denied permission
  • Fixed: File size not displayed for video files from Photos app

Change log for RaceChrono Pro v6.0.7 for iOS (6.6.2019):

  • Added expert setting “Unrestricted custom OBD-II PIDs”
  • Fixed: Video/audio codec error when exporting
  • Fixed: Video list crash on iOS 10
  • Fixed: Crash related to video linking
  • Fixed: 3-byte custom OBD-II PIDs did not work
  • Fixed: Localisations

Change log for RaceChrono Pro v6.0.5 for iOS (5.6.2019):

  • Fixed: Crash when connected to OBD-II reader
  • Fixed: Localisations

Change log for RaceChrono Pro v6.0.4 for iOS (3.6.2019):

  • Added: Backup and restore facility
  • Added: Custom OBD-II PIDs
  • Added: Vehicle profiles for entering vehicle specific data and settings
  • Added: Import feature from various file formats (GoPro embedded GPS data, Garmin G-metrix from VIRB cameras, RaceLogic PerformanceBox/DriftBox, Race Technology DL-1, Renault RS data logger and NMEA 0183)
  • Added: “Resolve sync” button for automatically resolving synchronisation for video files recorded with GoPro and Garmin cameras with GPS
  • Added: Support for wide angle lens on some phones, such as LG V30. The front/rear camera button now toggles through all available cameras.
  • Added: Support for RejsaRubberTrac tyre temperature and suspension travel sensor
  • Added: Support for RaceBox GPS/GLONASS receiver
  • Added: Support for Veepeak OBDCheck BLE reader
  • Added: Analog lean angle gauge
  • Added: Tire temperature gauge
  • Added: Elapsed time, Distance, Latitude and Longitude gauges and graph channels
  • Added: Ethanol fuel content OBD-II channel
  • Added: RaceChrono DIY -device type in “Other devices” with more configuration options. This has replaced the following devices: NMEA file input and Wi-Fi GPS receiver.
  • Added: DIY device options for Wi-Fi (TCP/IP) and Bluetooth LE connection type and CAN-Bus, NMEA/RC2/RC3 and DL-1 protocols
  • Improved: Greater maximum zoom-in for graphs
  • Improved: Faster analysis for channels with very high update rate
  • Improved: Smoother video seeking
  • Improved: Acceleration G-values are now displayed with two decimals
  • Improved: Clarified video sync messages
  • Improved: Gauge cluster is now rendered 10% smaller to look better on larger screens
  • Fixed/Added: Zooming graph’s y-axis by long press
  • Fixed: Gauge cluster was too big on 4:3 video frame
  • Fixed: Speed delta did not always work between laps from two different sessions 
  • Fixed: Export time scope for CSV, VBO and NMEA formats 
  • Fixed: Duplicate columns in VBO export
  • Fixed: Lap list header dropdown icon alignment
  • Fixed: Best lap was not always visible in reference session selection
  • Fixed: Infinite progress indicator when moving video file to Photos app fails
  • Fixed: Crash when tapping back while exporting
  • Fixed: Screen does not react after sharing a track
  • Fixed: Settings layout width on iPad
  • Fixed: VBOX sport “HDOP”, ”Battery time to empty”, “Media capacity” and “Media free space” channels

Change log for RaceChrono Pro v5.5.2 for iOS (25.2.2019):

  • Fixed: Video synchronisation edits were not saved
  • Fixed: Connecting to GoPro camera preview when in Bluetooth mode

Change log for RaceChrono Pro v5.5.0 for iOS (12.12.2018):

  • Added: GoPro 7 support
  • Added: OBDLink MX+ support
  • Fixed: Could no longer re-synchronise a video file, after it was first linked with “Linked after…” feature

Change log for RaceChrono Pro v5.4.6 for iOS (3.10.2018):

  • Added: Support for Carista OBD-II reader
  • Added: Support for Qstarz BLE GPS receivers, currently BL-1000GT

Change log for RaceChrono Pro v5.4.5 for iOS (9.8.2018):

  • Urgent fix: Invalid app state when accepting new permissions
  • Added: OBD-II channel selection in Live device status screen
  • Fixed: No decimals exported in .VBO format for channels from non-GPS devices
  • Fixed: Multiple crashes

Change log for RaceChrono Pro v5.4.2 for iOS (30.6.2018):

  • Added: Experimental and preliminary Wivel data logger support
  • Fixed: “Linked after…” video files not visible in analysis or export
  • Fixed: Bugs in VBO export
  • Fixed: Video recording was not resumed after switching app to background and foreground again

Change log for RaceChrono Pro v5.4.1 for iOS (25.6.2018):

  • Added: Automatic connection to Wi-Fi devices in iOS 11 and above; these devices need to be reconfigured in order take advantage
  • Added: “Link after” feature for easy linking video files after another
  • Added: Rename feature for video links and video files
  • Added: OBD-II initialisation commands -expert setting, to better support non-standard ECU’s
  • Added: Confirmation to cancel downloads and disconnect camera when exiting video list
  • Added: Terms of service checkbox required before registering
  • Added: Terms of service button to About screen
  • Improved: Rewritten GoPro support
  • Improved: Rewritten OBD-II support
  • Improved: German translation
  • Changed: Raised minimum required space to record video to 500 MB (was 200 MB)
  • Changed: Slightly lower accuracy requirement for data from internal GPS
  • Fixed: Incorrect analog gauge minimum values, and broken for channels with negative values
  • Fixed: Could not re-link a video file, that was linked after another file
  • Fixed: Slightly broken user interface when unlinking a video file
  • Fixed: Reconnection when no data from device
  • Fixed: Red “No fix to satellites” message was displayed, when GPS had proper lock but reported 0 satellites
  • Fixed: Video downloads were not cancelled when exiting video list
  • Fixed: Prevent screen turning off in video list while connected to camera and/or downloading
  • Fixed: Minor iPhone X layout issues
  • Fixed: Video list animations
  • Fixed: Fixed: Failed to reconnect after “No data” from Wi-Fi OBD-II reader

Change log for RaceChrono Pro v5.2.2 for iOS (23.2.2018):

  • Fixed: High speed video recording was selected, if FPS setting was never touched by user. This resulted exported video to be in slow motion.

Change log for RaceChrono Pro v5.2.1 for iOS (2.2.2018):

  • Fixed: Broken support for Wi-Fi devices (OBDLink MX Wi-Fi etc.)

Change log for RaceChrono Pro v5.2.0 for iOS (24.1.2018):

  • Added support for GoPro HERO 6 Black
  • Added support for Tonwon BLE OBD-II readers
  • Added switching of Dual XGPS150 update rate to 5 Hz
  • Added Support and Youtube links to about screen
  • Changed video list “Delete” menu option; no longer unlinks video, use “Unlink” menu option separately
  • Improved recorded session integrity upon unexpected app termination
  • Fixed: If example track was selected, could no longer select another one
  • Fixed: Missing “Connect to camera” menu option for GoPro video file placeholders
  • Fixed: Ensure GoPro is turned on when starting recording with it
  • Fixed: Not always able to switch off external cameras after exiting video list
  • Fixed: Invalid statistics shown for channels with partially recorded data
  • Fixed: Sometimes map path overlay becomes invisible

Change log for RaceChrono Pro v5.1.3 for iOS (23.10.2017):

  • Fixed: Broken .ods export

Change log for RaceChrono Pro v5.1.2 for iOS (9.10.2017):

  • Implemented iPhone X screen support
  • Fixed: 0.3 Hz update rate problem with Dual XGPS150A in 1 Hz mode
  • Fixed: Broken re-syncing of video files with chapter files
  • Fixed: Performance problem in map drawing
  • Fixed: Localisations
  • Fixed: Invalid status “Fixed to 2147483647 satellites”

Change log for RaceChrono Pro v5.1.0 for iOS (12.9.2017):

  • Added editable Live timer with presets: Classic, Modern and Modern with gauges
  • Added editable Live gauges screen
  • Added download option for iCloud videos that do not have local copy
  • Added Delta speed channel
  • Added Combined acceleration channel
  • Added elimination of jagged graphs (and gauge movement) for OBD-II speed and RPM
  • Added Air/fuel ratio (gasoline) channel
  • Added Intake relative pressure (boost) channel
  • Improved performance on older phones
  • Improved iOS 11 support
  • Improved initial zoom level for analysis map
  • Improved graph scrolling; now smoother
  • Fixed: Video cannot always be seeked in overlay editor
  • Fixed: Two decimal digits for Air/Fuel ratio channel (was only one digit)
  • Fixed: Turning off comparison did not hide comparison graph
  • Fixed: Initial position of Edit overlay screen
  • Fixed: Correct locale not use as decimal separator for lap times
  • Fixed: Sharing dialog on iPad
  • Fixed: Missing status button alpha transition in live recording screen
  • Fixed: Device settings conflict resolution
  • Fixed: Several potential crashes

Change log for RaceChrono Pro v5.0.6 for iOS (23.8.2017):

  • Improved internal GPS reliability and possibly accuracy
  • Added “Required internal GPS accuracy” expert setting

Change log for RaceChrono Pro v5.0.5 for iOS (16.8.2017):

  • Initial iOS 11 support
  • Fixed: Sometimes corrupted video, when re-starting recording after 2 GB per file limit is reached. Possibly since iOS 10.3.3 update.
  • Fixed: “The required application is not installed” message when sharing. Happens when applications like DropBox or Google Drive not installed.
  • Fixed: Broken menu item for saving an imported track
  • Fixed: Missing localisations
  • Fixed: Couple of possible crashes when recording a session
  • Fixed: Improved live timer performance (especially for iPhone 5 with iOS 10)

Change log for RaceChrono Pro v5.0.4 for iOS (8.5.2017):

  • Added support for Bad Elf Pro/Pro+/Lightning GPS receivers
  • Added support for generic Wi-Fi GPS
  • Stricter checks on NMEA data received from GPS receivers
  • Added ‘reset to defaults’ button to Expert settings screen
  • Fixed: Codec error when exporting video with picture-in-picture
  • Fixed: Couple of errors in localised strings

Change log for RaceChrono Pro v5.0.3 for iOS (21.4.2017):

  • Added support for opening sessions from PUSH SmartGauge app
  • If expert setting ‘Save device output’ is turned on, empty sessions will not be discarded
  • Fixed: Corrupted .ods exports when special character was used in metadata or trap names
  • Fixed: Internal camera settings not properly configured
  • Fixed: Out-of-memory crash while exporting VBO., .CSV and .NMEA formats
  • Fixed: Out-of-memory crash when recording with Wi-Fi OBD-II
  • Fixed: Possible crash when remote controlling GoPro HERO 5
  • Fixed: GoPro chapter file detection did not work for video files in Photos album

Change log for RaceChrono Pro v5.0.2 for iOS (31.3.2017):

  • Implemented expert settings screen
  • Fixed: Crash when sharing a file, eg. via ‘Import with DropBox’
  • Fixed: Partially broken GoPro chapter file detection
  • Fixed: Crash when queuing multiple video downloads
  • Fixed: Crash when exiting video list before all visible thumbnails were loaded
  • Fixed: Support for XGPS160 firmwares v2.4.x and v3.4.x
  • Fixed: Broken animation when opening a group in video list
  • Fixed: Comparison lap selection shown when no laps to select
  • Fixed: Wrong margin in device status list when recording

Change log for RaceChrono Pro v5.0.1 for iOS (15.3.2017):

  • Fixed: Sometimes struggling to start video playback
  • Fixed: Track editor screen did not unlock from ‘my location’ after the map was panned, which made editing impossible after tapping ‘my location’

Change log for RaceChrono Pro v5.0.0 for iOS (2.3.2017):

  • Initial release