Change log for RaceChrono v8.0.7 for Android

Change log for RaceChrono Pro v8.0.7 for Android (7.7.2023):

  • Fixed: Wrong overlay aspect ratio for non-16:9 video frames when exporting video

Change log for RaceChrono Pro v8.0.6 for Android (7.7.2023):

  • Completed German and French translations
  • Changed: The selected video overlay is now same for Analysis and Overlaid video export 
  • Fixed: Legacy overlay’s map background alpha
  • Fixed: All selected graph channels appeared in same color

Change log for RaceChrono Pro v8.0.5 for Android (6.7.2023):

  • Added build number to the About screen
  • Fixed: Allow selecting GPS time for digital displays
  • Fixed: Time delta defaults again to two decimals
  • Fixed: Digital gauge value font scaling
  • Fixed: OBD-II RPM and Speed not visible until first GPS fix

Change log for RaceChrono Pro v8.0.2 for Android (26.6.2023):

  • Added: Real lateral acceleration, longitudinal acceleration and lean angle channels are now calculated from IMU data. Supported IMUs are the phone’s internal sensors, as well as RaceBox Mini / Mini S. When using the internal sensors, the phone needs to be on a holder for the whole duration of the session.
  • Added: A new overlay editor with much more configurability
  • Added: Renewed analysis screen with an X/Y graph
  • Added: Map path and markers can be selected from any available data channel
  • Added: Smooth background colour transitions when using delta displays without the delta bar (contributed by Timur Iskhodzhanov)
  • Added: +/- signs not displayed for values very near zero (contributed by Timur Iskhodzhanov)
  • Added: Single gauge layout for Live screen
  • Added: Calculated combined acceleration channel for devices with lateral and longitudinal acceleration channels
  • Added: Support for Vgate vLinker and Vgate iCar series OBD-II readers
  • Added: Support for RaceBox Mini S, Qstarz LT-8000GT and Columbus P-9 Race GPS receivers
  • Changed: Minimum supported Android OS version is now 6.0 (was 4.4)
  • Changed: Bluetooth GPS update rate limited to 10 Hz, if no Pro upgrade or Devices pack purchased (free version only)
  • Fixed: .VBO export column identifiers
  • Removed: “Save debug logs” expert setting. Use the “Send support dump” instead
  • Fixed: RaceBox Mini sessions some times recorded with wrong start time/date
  • Fixed: Several overlaid video export codec issues
  • Fixed: Couple AIM .csv importing issues

Change log for RaceChrono Pro v7.6.5 for Android (29.11.2022):

  • Fixed: Video export goes past 100% and never ends
  • Fixed: Support dump dialog crashed when displayed in German language
  • Fixed: Tyre temperature gauge glitch when used with Alsense sensors

Change log for RaceChrono Pro v7.6.4 for Android (2.11.2022):

  • Added: Remote control support for GoPro HERO 11
  • Added: Official support for Alsense ALS Tire BLE tire temperature sensor
  • Fixed: Media store folder not always accessible on Android 13
  • Fixed: “Toast” notifications not cancelled properly before displaying next one
  • Fixed: Allow multi-line comments in AIM .CSV imports
  • Fixed: Broken lap timing metadata in .VBO exports
  • Fixed: Export queue reported erroneous “No data to export” when exporting items from multiple sessions or when the queue was opened from the main screen

Change log for RaceChrono Pro v7.6.0 for Android (26.8.2022):

  • Big fix: GoPro remote control feature works properly again on GoPro 9 and 10, and video file downloads are faster and more reliable
  • Added: Possibility to add narrower traps (10 and 15 meters)
  • Added: Media Store picker is now used in Import screen for Android 13
  • Added: Android 13 support
  • Changed: Removed POI annotations from satellite maps
  • Changed: Importing is no longer automatically started for “dropped” files
  • Changed: Added second decimal to the distance gauge
  • Fixed: Folders were not shown when picking files from Media Store (Android 9 or older)
  • Fixed: Decimal value rounding changed from Java default “half even” to “half up”

Change log for RaceChrono Pro v7.5.4 for Android (12.8.2022):

  • Added: Feature to delete ‘My RaceChrono’ account from the app
  • Added: Wheel Turtle temperature sensors now officially supported
  • Fixed: Broken server connection on Android 4.4

Change log for RaceChrono Pro v7.5.3 for Android (20.6.2022):

  • Added: Experimental support for Wheel Turtle temperature sensors
  • Fixed: RaceBox mini accuracy channel magnitude
  • Fixed: Possible crash when opening a session
  • Fixed: Missing translations

Change log for RaceChrono Pro v7.5.2 for Android (7.4.2022):

  • Added: Convenience button for registering an account
  • Added: Configurable video fade in and out for video export
  • Added: Better names for exported files
  • Added: Speed workaround -expert setting for older versions of Transystem GL-770

Change log for RaceChrono v7.5.0 for Android (8.3.2021):

  • Added support for RaceBox Mini
  • Added experimental support for Alsense ALS Tire BLE tire temperature sensor
  • Added bytesToFloat and bytesToFloatLe functions
  • Added custom channels imported from .VBO files
  • Added “Odometer” and “Gear” standard OBD-II channels
  • Added “Drift angle” channel
  • New Google Maps renderer
  • Improved Import screen
  • Improved adding Bluetooth devices; multiple devices with same name is now allowed
  • Improved filtering of scanned Bluetooth devices
  • Improved: Session list sorting type selection is now persisted
  • Fixed: Further update rate issue between certain phones and Dual XGPS150/160 GPS receivers
  • Fixed: Gauge titles in live screen
  • Fixed: scale, lowPass and highPass functions no longer return integer values (only floats)
  • Fixed: Sometimes an old or invalid GPS location and time is used at session start
  • Fixed: Distance gauges did not display any value

Change log for RaceChrono v7.4.4 for Android (11.12.2021):

  • Fixed: Update rate issue between certain phones and Garmin GLO receivers

Change log for RaceChrono v7.4.3 for Android (1.12.2021):

  • Added full Android 12 support
  • Improved: Connections now recover when Bluetooth is turned off and on again
  • Fixed: Time delta shows zero after new best lap (since v7.4.1)
  • Fixed: GoPro import may link the video file to a wrong time
  • Fixed: GoPro import problem with accelerometer and gyroscope data

Change log for RaceChrono v7.4.1 for Android (5.11.2021):

  • Added Bluetooth LE Monitor API for the RaceChrono DIY device
  • Fixed: Issues with standing starts
  • Fixed: Wrong lap displayed in analysis when opening a single sector for a reference lap
  • Fixed: Wrong timer information on video overlay when a reference lap was analysed
  • Fixed: Problem with multi-frame OBD-II responses
  • Fixed: Missing picture-in-picture placeholder in Overlay editor
  • Fixed: Picture-in-picture option for export may become hidden

Change log for RaceChrono v7.3.0 for Android (12.7.2021):

  • Added new CSV v3 export format with more elaborate column headers
  • Added export for Z1 Analyzer
  • Added battery level indicator for multiple different type of sensors
  • Added accelerometer and gyroscope data for GoPro sensor data import
  • Improved: VBO export column names
  • Improved: Nicer format for the solution in the Custom Channel Editor
  • Improved: Rounded corners for popups
  • Fixed: Multiple dark mode theme problems
  • Fixed: Broken overlay gauge updates after editing or changing it
  • Fixed: Missing heading and lap times when importing .FIT files from Garmin Catalyst
  • Fixed: Importing a Vehicle profile might overwrite an existing one
  • Fixed: Unnecessary “Elapsed time” columns in CSV v2 export
  • Fixed: Unnecessary “Distance” columns in VBO export
  • Fixed: Latitude/Longitude channels in custom channel editor

Change log for RaceChrono v7.2.8 for Android (12.5.2021):

  • Fixed: Crash when resolving device delay
  • Fixed: The last “in lap” was not displayed in the lap list
  • Fixed: Incomplete laps displayed as 0:00.00 in Analysis screen drop downs
  • Fixed: Missing rounding in live lap timer
  • Fixed: Broken audio when exporting overlaid video (Samsung S21 and possibly others) (Android only)

Change log for RaceChrono v7.2.5 for Android (22.4.2021):

  • Added experimental support for Wit Motion BLE 5.0 IMU-sensor
  • Fixed: OBD-II connection initialisation failed sometimes (OBDLink LX for example)

Change log for RaceChrono v7.2.4 for Android (10.4.2021):

  • Support for GM VPW DPIDs
  • Improved: Engine load -channel is now available for custom channels
  • Fixed: Clunky Media permission usage on Android 10 and later
  • Fixed: Storage or Media permission was not properly requested when importing
  • Fixed: OBD-II data logging failed if reader power was lost at any point during a session (readers with Bluetooth LE connection only)
  • Fixed: AIM and Tesla Track Mode data logger channels not properly imported on Android 7.0 and earlier
  • Fixed: AIM and Tesla Track Mode import data logger channels resolution
  • Fixed: Possible end-of-session crash

Change log for RaceChrono v7.2.3 for Android (26.3.2021):

  • Added support for OBDLink CX
  • Added importing for Tesla Track Mode files (.csv)
  • Added importing for iRacing telemetry files (.ibt)
  • Added importing for AIM Data Logger files (.csv)
  • Added 5 Hz support for Transystem GL-770
  • Added many new custom channel names
  • Improved: Audio codec support in video export
  • Improved: OBD-II custom channel PIDs (requests) are now allowed up-to 8 bytes in length
  • Removed redundant Rear brake position -channel
  • Fixed: GoPro video files embedded GPS data was not always imported properly
  • Fixed: Air/Fuel ratio -channel was not available for custom channels
  • Fixed: CAN-Bus data logging using OBDLink reader was broken for PID numbers less than 256
  • Fixed: CAN-Bus channels were hidden in Vehicle profile if there was no reader device configured
  • Fixed: bitsToUintLe and bitsToIntLe did not always return correct values
  • Fixed: Broken .fit file import from Garmin Fenix 6X Pro

Change log for RaceChrono v7.1.0 for Android (beta 8.2.2021):

  • Added remote control support for GoPro 9 
  • Added support for Bluetooth Smart LNS -standard (for example Transystem GL-770, 1 Hz GPS)
  • Added analysis adjustment for GPS position shift
  • Added analysis adjustment for device delay
  • Added “OBD-II response prefix” field to channel editor, to allow all J1850-VPW channels to be recorded
  • Added support for lean angle in importing .VBO files
  • Added disclaimers for background location access, and built-in GPS usage
  • Improved Live screen rotation; replaced the Live screen “Rotate” button with “Unlock orientation” button
  • Improved Vehicle profile’s test connection and live data
  • Fixed: Scroll bar was missing from multiple screens
  • Fixed: Further problems with video linking to sessions with one or more resumes
  • Fixed: Timer values changed to 0.0 at the end of video, when exporting the last lap of the session

Change log for RaceChrono v7.0.10 for Android (beta 5.10.2020):

  • Fixed: A crash opening huge sessions
  • Fixed: Invalid values were not filtered when importing GoPro embedded GPS data

Change log for RaceChrono v7.0.9 for Android (beta 28.9.2020):

  • Fixed: Fixed: Slightly broken WiFi connection request to GoPro on Android 10
  • Fixed: Speed delta channel was not selectable for analysis

Change log for RaceChrono v7.0.7 for Android (beta 16.9.2020):

  • Fixed: Lateral acceleration and Lean angle -channels were not properly interpolated

Change log for RaceChrono v7.0.6 for Android (10.9.2020):

  • Fixed: Possible crash

Change log for RaceChrono v7.0.5 for Android (2.9.2020):

  • Fixed: Video export with picture-in-picture always failed
  • Fixed: A few crashes

Change log for RaceChrono v7.0.3 for Android (17.8.2020):

  • Fixed: Broken NMEA 0183 exporting
  • Fixed: Possible crash when trying to record CAN-Bus
  • Fixed: OBD-II connection did not properly recover from “CAN ERROR”
  • Fixed: Media Store was erroneously included in the list of video recording and export destinations

Change log for RaceChrono v7.0.1 for Android (10.8.2020):

  • Added purchasable reference sessions by Sylvain Guintoli (2014 FIM World Superbike Champion)
  • Added comparison video in analysis
  • Added session list sorting and searching
  • Added Race time and Race distance -channels, that measure since first lap start
  • Added Lap timer channels can now be used in gauges and graphs
  • Added import for Qstarz BL-1000GT file format
  • Improved: Sessions can now be “cut” by exporting in .RCZ format and using the “Laps” scope
  • Improved: Time delta and speed delta are now selectable and displayed when comparison graphs are hidden
  • Improved: GoPro GPS jitter elimination
  • Changed: “Export queue” button moved from Session list to Main screen
  • Fixed: In-app-purchases not activated immediately for sessions opened briefly before upgrading
  • Fixed: Distance x-axis graphs (and the distance channel) were sometimes broken for RaceDAC, RaceChrono DIY and some other devices
  • Fixed: Multiple problems with video synchronisation
  • Fixed: Inconsistent video channel numbers were allowed when using GoPro chapter files or the “Link after…” feature
  • Fixed: Importing GPS data from large (12 GB) GoPro files was broken
  • Fixed: Broken .VBO import when recorded over midnight (UTC)
  • Fixed: Possible error when importing .RCZ file created by hand
  • Fixed: App sometimes stuck loading a session when “Auto-detect again” option has been enabled

Change log for RaceChrono v6.4.1 for Android (8.6.2020):

  • Fixed: Problem with starting OBD-II connection before car is running
  • Fixed: Satellite count in .VBO imports
  • Fixed: Incorrect duration determined for some video files, causing out-of-sync when using the “Linked after…” feature
  • Fixed: Loading in-app-purchases after crash

Change log for RaceChrono v6.4.0 for Android (31.5.2020):

  • Added import for .VBO files by VBOX Sport, RaceHF Bean and many others
  • Added accelerometer recording and battery level display for RaceHF Bean
  • Fixed: Possible crash when recording OBD-II data

Change log for RaceChrono v6.3.5 for Android (23.4.2020):

  • Urgent fix: Workaround to Map views crash that downloaded corrupted data from Google’s servers

Change log for RaceChrono v6.3.4 for Android (14.4.2020):

  • Added “non-standard OBD-II” option to vehicle profile

Change log for RaceChrono v6.3.3 for Android (10.4.2020):

  • Fixed: Location permission was not properly requested when adding a Bluetooth device
  • Fixed: Broken GoPro discovery
  • Urgent fix: Analysis and devices packs were not properly issued with Pro upgrade (bug introduced in v6.3.1)

Change log for RaceChrono v6.3.0 for Android (1.4.2020):

  • List of paired devices will be displayed when adding a new Bluetooth device. Searching devices in range is now an option.
  • Added new settings “Auto-detect my tracks only” and “Auto-detect again if finished”. The latter one should be useful for rally events with multiple different special stages.
  • Added new setting “Split video files”. If disabled the video will be recorded to one large file.
  • Improved: DIY CAN-Bus API now allows payload length up-to 16 bytes 
  • Improved: Expert setting “GPS week rollover compensation” now also affects the built-in GPS
  • Fixed: A notification is now displayed, if location is disabled and it is needed for searching or connecting devices
  • Fixed: Channel postfix field was not displayed in CAN-Bus channel editor 

Change log for RaceChrono v6.2.1 for Android (31.1.2020):

  • Added remote controlling GoPro HERO 8. Requires pairing with official GoPro app, so in effect this requires Android 7.0 or later.
  • Fixed: Rotating video file had no effect in Analysis screen, but had effect in video export
  • Fixed: Preview rotation on GoPro HERO 7

Change log for RaceChrono v6.1.6 for Android (18.12.2019):

  • Fixed: Broken Dark mode on some devices

Change log for RaceChrono v6.1.5 for Android (9.11.2019):

  • Fixed: Missing OBD-II channels for some vehicles (bug introduced in v6.1.2)
  • Fixed: Crash when clearing Default OBD-II header field
  • Fixed: Broken video example in un-upgraded app

Change log for RaceChrono v6.1.4 for Android (6.11.2019):

  • Improved button colors in alert dialogs
  • Fixed: App completely unusable when using 3rd party apps to enable “Dark theme” on Android 9 and earlier
  • Fixed: No confirmation when deleting video files from Media store
  • Fixed: Misleading trial notification when doing backup with un-upgraded app

Change log for RaceChrono v6.1.3 for Android (29.10.2019):

  • Important change: From Android 10 onwards, all new video files will be saved within the app’s private folders. All files within app’s private folders will be deleted upon uninstall.  On Android 9 and earlier, video files will be saved in /DCIM/RaceChrono/ folder as before. 
  • Added support for Dark Theme
  • Added support for PGEAR P600 (not tested with other models yet) and UniCarScan UCSI-2000
  • Added experimental support for RaceHF Bean and Freelogic Wi-Fi light
  • Added “Move to Media store” menu option for video files, which will move the file to DCIM/RaceChrono/ folder (Android 10)
  • Added background location permission requests (Android 10)
  • Added possibility to change OBD-II header for custom channels
  • Added support for multi-frame OBD-II responses 
  • Improved .fit file import; now works with files exported from Suunto app 
  • Improved OBD-II update rates slightly
  • Improved camera lens switching
  • Removed broken “Custom storage” setting for Android 6.0 and newer
  • Fixed: Automatic Wi-Fi connections on Android 10
  • Fixed: Video file import fail sometimes
  • Fixed: Failure to connect GoPro HERO 4 Silver
  • Fixed: Problem with GoPro preview on some phones
  • Fixed: Lean angle not always selectable for lap list summary
  • Fixed: NMEA GPRMC sentences with 13 fields were not recorded
  • Fixed: Problem with RC3+NMEA when GPS time moving backwards

Change log for RaceChrono v6.0.11 for Android (24.7.2019):

  • Fixed: DashWare support; wrong Latitude and Longitude header (broken since v6.0.0)
  • Fixed: Crash when entered wrong TCP port number for a device

Change log for RaceChrono v6.0.10 for Android (15.7.2019):

  • Added Russian translation
  • Added “GPS week rollover compensation” -expert setting to allow workaround for faulty GPS receivers that report wrong date, such as some old Qstarz receivers.
  • Added bytesToUintLe and bytesToIntLe functions for extracting little-endian integers from OBD-II and CAN-Bus data
  • Updated to RejsaRubberTrac protocol v2
  • Fixed: Vehicle profile was not saved after selecting channels in Live recording screen
  • Fixed: Sharing did not work on Android 10 beta
  • Fixed: Evaporator pressure OBD-II channel values
  • Fixed: RC2/RC3 mixed with NMEA 0183 sentences were not recorded when “counter” field was used instead of absolute timestamp

Change log for RaceChrono v6.0.8 for Android (25.6.2019):

  • Fixed: Coordinates not displayed correctly when moving a trap
  • Fixed: Possible hang or crash when drawing analog lean angle gauge
  • Fixed: A few crashes

Change log for RaceChrono v6.0.6 for Android (5.6.2019):

  • Added expert setting “Unrestricted custom OBD-II PIDs”
  • Fixed: 3-byte custom OBD-II PIDs did not work
  • Fixed: Crash related to video linking
  • Fixed: Localisations

Change log for RaceChrono v6.0.5 for Android (3.6.2019):

  • Fixed: Crash when connected to OBD-II reader
  • Fixed: Localisations

Change log for RaceChrono v6.0.4 for Android (27.5.2019):

  • Added: Backup and restore facility
  • Added: Custom OBD-II PIDs
  • Added: Vehicle profiles for entering vehicle specific data and settings
  • Added: Import feature from various file formats (GoPro embedded GPS data, Garmin G-metrix from VIRB cameras, RaceLogic PerformanceBox/DriftBox, Race Technology DL-1, Renault RS data logger and NMEA 0183)
  • Added: “Resolve sync” button for automatically resolving synchronisation for video files recorded with GoPro and Garmin cameras with GPS
  • Added: Support for wide angle lens on some phones, such as LG V30. The front/rear camera button now toggles through all available cameras.
  • Added: Support for RejsaRubberTrac tyre temperature and suspension travel sensor
  • Added: Support for RaceBox GPS/GLONASS receiver
  • Added: Support for Veepeak OBDCheck BLE reader
  • Added: Analog lean angle gauge
  • Added: Tire temperature gauge
  • Added: Pinch zooming for graphs
  • Added: Elapsed time, Distance, Latitude and Longitude gauges and graph channels
  • Added: Ethanol fuel content OBD-II channel
  • Added: RaceChrono DIY -device type in “Other devices” with more configuration options. This has replaced the following devices: NMEA file input and Wi-Fi GPS receiver.
  • Added: DIY device options for Wi-Fi (TCP/IP) and Bluetooth LE connection type and CAN-Bus, NMEA/RC2/RC3 and DL-1 protocols
  • Improved: Greater maximum zoom-in for graphs
  • Improved: Faster analysis for channels with very high update rate
  • Improved: More accurate video seeking
  • Improved: Acceleration G-values are now displayed with two decimals
  • Improved: Clarified video sync messages
  • Improved: Gauge cluster is now rendered 10% smaller to look better on larger screens
  • Fixed/Added: Zooming graph’s y-axis by long press
  • Fixed: Gauge cluster was too big on 4:3 video frame
  • Fixed: Speed delta did not always work between laps from two different sessions
  • Fixed: Export time scope for CSV, VBO and NMEA formats
  • Fixed: Duplicate columns in VBO export
  • Fixed: Lap list header dropdown icon alignment
  • Fixed: Best lap was not always visible in reference session selection
  • Fixed: Misaligned video overlay in analysis (on some devices) (Android only)
  • Fixed: Multiple screens were opened if some buttons were clicked more than once
  • Fixed: Video recording problem on Samsung S7 and Samsung S7 Active
  • Fixed: VBOX sport “HDOP”, ”Battery time to empty”, “Media capacity” and “Media free space” channels

Change log for RaceChrono v5.5.3 for Android (25.2.2018):

  • Fixed: Possible startup crash on some phones

Change log for RaceChrono v5.5.2 for Android (22.2.2019):

  • Fixed: Video synchronisation edits were not saved
  • Fixed: Crash when switching apps while recording with internal camera (Android 8.0 or later)
  • Fixed: Opening .rcz files from Google Drive

Change log for RaceChrono v5.5.1 for Android (10.12.2018):

  • Added: GoPro 7 support
  • Changed: Adjusted texts to indicate that OBDLink MX+ is supported
  • Fixed: Could no longer re-synchronise a video file, after it was first linked with “Linked after…” feature

Change log for RaceChrono v5.4.6 for Android (1.10.2018):

  • Added: Support for Carista OBD-II reader
  • Added: Support for Qstarz BLE GPS receivers, currently BL-1000GT
  • Fixed: No decimals exported in .VBO format for channels from non-GPS devices

Change log for RaceChrono v5.4.4 for Android (9.7.2018):

  • Fixed: Starting a session without a GPS device configured was possible
  • Fixed: Many crashes

Change log for RaceChrono v5.4.3 for Android (1.7.2018):

  • Fixed: Crash in GoPro BLE connection

Change log for RaceChrono v5.4.2 for Android (27.6.2018):

  • Added: Experimental and preliminary Wivel data logger support
  • Fixed: “Linked after…” video files not visible in analysis or export
  • Fixed: Bugs in VBO export
  • Fixed: Google account was signed out if device was re-booted without internet connectivity
  • Fixed: Failed to reconnect after “No data” from Wi-Fi OBD-II reader
  • Fixed: Missing lat/long acceleration averaging filter in VBOX Sport sessions

Change log for RaceChrono v5.4.0 for Android (15.6.2018):

  • Added: Automatic connection to Wi-Fi devices; these devices need to be reconfigured in order take advantage
  • Added: Full split-screen support in Live screen
  • Added: “Link after” feature for easy linking video files after another
  • Added: Rename feature for video links and video files
  • Added: OBD-II initialisation commands -expert setting, to better support non-standard ECU’s
  • Added: Video download storage selection. Allows GoPro videos to be downloaded directly to memory card.
  • Added: Confirmation to cancel downloads and disconnect camera when exiting video list
  • Added: “Additional camera rotation” expert setting
  • Added: Expert setting for “Use NMEA output from Internal GPS”
  • Added: Terms of service checkbox required before registering
  • Added: Terms of service button to About screen
  • Improved: Rewritten GoPro support
  • Improved: Rewritten OBD-II support
  • Improved: German translation
  • Changed: Video from internal camera are now split to 2 GB files to avoid huge single files
  • Changed: Use Camera2 API by default on Android 8.0 and later, if supported by the phone
  • Removed unmaintained Android Wear 1.3 app, the only supported device upgraded to Wear 2.0 firmware already one year ago.
  • Fixed: App freeze or blank video window on some phones in overlay editor with high resolution video
  • Fixed: Could not re-link a video file, that was linked after another file
  • Fixed: Slightly broken user interface when unlinking a video file
  • Fixed: Session title and description was broken on Samsung Galaxy Note8 and possibly others
  • Fixed: Reconnection when no data from device
  • Fixed: Red “No fix to satellites” message was displayed, when GPS had proper lock but reported 0 satellites due to settings
  • Fixed: Incorrect analog gauge minimum values, and broken for channels with negative values
  • Fixed: Video downloads were not cancelled when exiting video list
  • Fixed: Prevent screen turning off in video list while connected to camera and/or downloading
  • Fixed: Various Camera API v2 bugs
  • Fixed: Camera related crash when exiting Live screen using task manager or similar
  • Fixed: Bluetooth LE support on Android 4.4
  • Fixed: Sharing files on Android 4.4

Change log for RaceChrono v5.2.0 for Android (24.1.2018):

  • Added support for GoPro HERO 6 Black
  • Added support for Tonwon BLE OBD-II readers
  • Added switching of Dual XGPS150 update rate to 5 Hz
  • Added Camera2 API support (beta), selectable from expert settings
  • Added Support and Youtube links to about screen
  • Added support for high aspect ratio displays like Samsung S8
  • Added new app icons with support for different shapes
  • Added full support for dynamic permissions in Android 6.0 and later
  • Added support for new Google sign-in API
  • Added turning off external cameras after user inactivity in video list
  • Changed video list “Delete” menu option; no longer unlinks video, use “Unlink” menu option separately
  • Improved recorded session integrity upon unexpected app termination
  • Removed support for Android 4.3 and older (Older versions still available for Android 4.0-4.3)
  • Removed support for Google Maps v1. The Maps v2 is now used as default for all Android versions
  • Removed Android legal disclaimer, no longer required
  • Removed requirement for Contacts permission, no longer needed due to new Google sign-in API
  • Fixed: If example track was selected, could no longer select another one
  • Fixed: Missing “Connect to camera” menu option for in video list
  • Fixed: Not always able to switch off external cameras after exiting video list
  • Fixed: Ensure GoPro is turned on when recording is started
  • Fixed: Downloading GoPro videos did not work on Android 8.0 and later
  • Fixed: Recording and exporting notifications did not work on Android 8.0 and later
  • Fixed: Invalid statistics shown for channels with partially recorded data

Change log for RaceChrono v5.1.4 for Android (9.11.2017):

  • Fixed: Startup crash on devices with MT6735 or MT6580 chipset and Android 5.1

Change log for RaceChrono v5.1.3 for Android (19.10.2017):

  • Added expert setting to fix video export frame rate problem on some devices
  • Fixed: Broken .ods export

Change log for RaceChrono v5.1.2 for Android (9.10.2017):

  • Fixed: Broken video exporting without hardware acceleration

Change log for RaceChrono v5.1.1 for Android (3.10.2017):

  • Fixed: Broken manual re-syncing of video files with chapter files
  • Fixed: Performance problem in map drawing
  • Fixed: Localisations
  • Fixed: Upgrade screen crashes

Change log for RaceChrono v5.1.0 for Android (12.9.2017):

  • Added editable Live timer with presets: Classic, Modern and Modern with gauges
  • Added editable Live gauges screen
  • Added Delta speed channel
  • Added Combined acceleration channel
  • Added elimination of jagged graphs (and gauge movement) for OBD-II speed and RPM
  • Added Air/fuel ratio (gasoline) channel
  • Added Intake relative pressure (boost) channel
  • Improved performance on older phones
  • Improved initial zoom level for analysis map
  • Improved graph scrolling; now smoother
  • Fixed: Video cannot always be seeked in overlay editor
  • Fixed: Two decimal digits for Air/Fuel ratio channel (was only one digit)
  • Fixed: Turning off comparison did not hide comparison graph
  • Fixed: Initial position of Edit overlay screen
  • Fixed: Correct locale not use as decimal separator for lap times
  • Fixed: Broken navigate button in French, German and Finnish locale
  • Fixed: Analysis settings tap-outside did not work after rotating screen
  • Fixed: Slow BLE device searching

Change log for RaceChrono v5.0.9 for Android (5.6.2017):

  • Dual XGPS 150 was not found by device search
  • Possible to close all analysis windows in free version
  • Application packaging
  • A few crashes

Change log for RaceChrono v5.0.8 for Android (12.5.2017):

  • Fixed: Broken GoPro 4/5 filename resolving (if camera had wrong time set)

Change log for RaceChrono v5.0.7 for Android (8.5.2017):

  • Added support for Bad Elf Pro/Pro+ receivers
  • Added support for GLONASS only devices such as GNS2000
  • Added support for generic Wi-Fi GPS
  • Stricter checks on NMEA data received from GPS receivers
  • Fixed: 100% CPU usage after disconnecting from WiFi OBD-II
  • Fixed: Couple of errors in localised strings

Change log for RaceChrono v5.0.6 for Android (22.4.2017):

  • Moved Assetto Corsa and NMEA input device types behind expert setting ‘Experimental devices’
  • If expert setting ‘Save device output’ is turned on, empty sessions will not be discarded
  • Fixed: Corrupted .ods exports when special character was used in metadata or trap names
  • Fixed: Partially broken GoPro chapter file detection
  • Fixed: Rare crash in Analysis screen
  • Fixed: Custom raw video storage setting

Change log for RaceChrono v5.0.4 for Android (28.2.2017):

  • Fixed: Missing strings in Spanish and Chinese localisations
  • Fixed: Rare crash when opening graph

Change log for RaceChrono v5.0.3 for Android (26.2.2017):

  • Fixed: Cannot re-open analysis windows in the free version

Change log for RaceChrono v5.0.2 for Android (23.2.2017):

  • Fixed: Crash sometimes when opening settings

Change log for RaceChrono v5.0.1 for Android (20.2.2017):

  • Re-written support for GoPro HERO 4 and 5, including live preview, video downloads (from video list screen) and streaming video directly from camera.
  • Added support for Bluetooth LE heart rate sensors
  • Added support for OBDLink MX Wi-Fi and generic ELM327 based Wi-Fi OBD-II adapters
  • Added support for PLX Kiwi 3, a Bluetooth LE OBD-II reader
  • Added exporting session summary to MS Excel and others in .ODS file format
  • Added Ignore NO DATA -expert setting for OBD-II
  • Export to .VBO now includes only the relevant video files in the metadata
  • Completely new settings screens
  • Visual improvements
  • Dropped support for Android 4.0 due to external libraries’ requirements
  • Fixed: Support for OBD-II readers that do not have AT SP command, such as ELM323 based readers
  • Fixed: Video exporting to memory card might get stuck at 3.8 GB
  • Fixed: Video sync +50/-50 ms adjustment goes wrong direction, and did not work at all directly after locking new video file
  • Fixed: Video exporting lost comparison lap selection
  • Fixed: Unnecessarily reloaded session on export
  • Fixed: Trap can be added in track editor when no fix to satellites
  • Fixed: Crash sometimes when opening shared sessions and tracks
  • Fixed: All analysis windows can be closed if unlucky
  • Fixed: Possible to delete example tracks
  • Fixed: Could not edit trap immediately after adding it
  • Fixed: Problem when selecting columns in lap list summary

Change log for RaceChrono v4.7.1 for Android (9.8.2016):

  • Export start and end time can now be freely defined
  • Graphs can now be zoomed in to 0.01 seconds / 2 meters / 0.001 miles
  • Higher bitrates are now used for video exports with 4K and 1080p resolutions, especially with ‘very high quality’ setting
  • Video sync information is now included in the exported .VBO files, and other minor improvements
  • Added $RC3 input format with gyro and more analog channels for DIY data loggers
  • Added privacy policy, forum and Facebook links to About screen
  • Fixed: GoPro remote control crashes when malformed IP-address configured
  • Fixed: Missing title for lean angle channel in .CSV and .VBO files
  • Fixed: Too low resolution example video downloaded for some devices with 720p display
  • Fixed: Overlay editor had wrong title for Timer gauges (‘Horizontal’)
  • Fixed: Session fragment selection not visible in export screen
  • Fixed: Video export PIP-channel selection broken for session with multiple fragments
  • Fixed: Video sync not always saved after editing
  • Fixed: Missing decimals for Air/Fuel ratio channel
  • Fixed: Crash when unselecting OBD-II channels while recording

Change log for RaceChrono v4.6.7 for Android (13.7.2016):

  • Fixed: Comparison lap not always displayed correctly (graph and map)
  • Fixed: Default value displayed incorrectly for X-axis scaling

Change log for RaceChrono v4.6.6 for Android (22.5.2016):

  • Re-enabled video analysis window when a session has no video. Disabling it was a bad decision, as it is useful even without actual video!
  • Fixed: Analysis gauges had no data if track was not selected
  • Fixed: Issue with background downloads
  • Fixed: Tile update glitch on Google Maps v1 and simple map

Change log for RaceChrono v4.6.5 for Android (21.5.2016):

  • Added video example session, with downloadable raw video
  • Sort example tracks and sessions to bottom of the list
  • Hide analysis video window if session has no videos
  • Disabled exporting for example sessions
  • Fixed: Possibly fixed issue with “Application error” message on startup (Pro)
  • Fixed: Crash when started on an old device without memory card or with USB storage mounted
  • Fixed: Track edits not always saved
  • Fixed: My location -button not visible in track editor
  • Fixed: Toolbar buttons not always visible when opening a shared session
  • Fixed: Missing metadata when importing v1.45 sessions

Change log for RaceChrono v4.5.2 for Android (12.5.2016):

  • Upgraded to new software codec. It supports exporting .MOV files according the source format, and has audio stream passthrough to allow any source audio format
  • Fixed: Fixed software codec video exporting for files from SJCAM SJ4000 action camera
  • Fixed: Extra export queue item was added when screen was rotated
  • Fixed: Broken expert setting ‘Raw video folder’

Change log for RaceChrono v4.5.1 for Android (10.5.2016):

  • Fixed: Graph legend bugs
  • Fixed: Missing Spanish strings
  • Fixed: Crash after saving imported session

Change log for RaceChrono v4.5.0 for Android (4.5.2016):

  • New content location: Prior versions of RaceChrono used to save sessions and tracks in an unprotected ‘RaceChrono’ folder at the device storage root. This is no longer safe, so the content is now moved to app’s protected folder. Please note that the new folder will be deleted upon app’s uninstall!
  • Added GPS lean angle -channel (Pro, analysis pack)
  • Added Averaging filter for GPS lateral and longitudinal accelerations
  • Added support for GoPro HERO 2 + WiFi BacPac (Pro)
  • Added Flip horizontally -option for Picture-in-picture overlay (Pro)
  • Added “Unlink” action for videos. Unlinks a video from the session without deleting it (Pro)
  • Added persistence to front/rear camera setting (Pro)
  • Added “custom raw video folder” expert setting. It allows users to access videos directly from USB drives (Pro)
  • Fixed: Invalid latitude/longitude values from GPS are now filtered out
  • Fixed: First user created track was never auto-detected
  • Fixed: Ugly blank white startup screen
  • Fixed: Graph comparison value was not displayed when session had been resumed with different device or device numbers
  • Fixed: Manage content -screen is launched multiple times when device is rotated
  • Fixed: Lap list summary drop down headers texts not visible (on Android 6.0)
  • Fixed: Delete option was displayed for non-existing video files
  • Fixed: Workaround to sharing bug with new DropBox app
  • Fixed: Never ending progress indicator when phone was rotated during app start
  • Fixed: Too small seek bar touch area (Android 6.0)
  • Fixed: Small bug in GoPro currently recorded video file detection (Pro)
  • Fixed: Camera preview might become upside down when switching between front and rear camera (Pro)
  • Fixed: Live screen was not rotated to actual orientation when session is started from Tag Heuer Connected watch
  • Fixed: Updated Tag Heuer app to use a new Google API as old one is now deprecated

Change log for RaceChrono v4.3.9 for Android:

  • Fixed: OBD-II graphs not displayed, broken in v4.3.7

Change log for RaceChrono v4.3.8 for Android:

  • Fixed: GoPro 3 support, broken in v4.3.7

Change log for RaceChrono v4.3.7 for Android:

  • Fixed: OBD-II channels broken in shared sessions
  • Fixed: Progress bar for shared sessions
  • Fixed: Missing logging for GoPro 3 remote control feature

Change log for RaceChrono v4.3.6 for Android (19.11.2015):

  • Google Maps V1 API is no longer required. Simple map is used as fallback if Maps V1 or V2 APIs are not installed on device.
  • Workaround: Compensation for faulty GPS receivers moving time backwards on some circumstance, and causing too fast lap time. QSTARZ and possibly other MTK-II chipset receivers are known to do this rarely. The backwards movement is now just added to the GPS time recorded by RaceChrono.
  • Fixed: Internal sensors time stamps on some devices. This caused invalid session time.
  • Fixed: Chinese (simplified) translation was displayed for users in Chinese (traditional) regions. Now defaults to English until Chinese (traditional) translation is done.
  • Fixed: Standing start was detected even when outside the start area
  • Fixed: Video controls were hidden after 5 seconds even when syncing video

Change log for RaceChrono v4.3.5 for Android (8.11.2015):

  • Added micro-app for Tag Heuer Connected Watch and free Pro upgrade for the watch owners
  • Implemented Pro upgrade in-app-purchase, enables all features of RaceChrono Pro (Free)
  • Implemented free trial for Pro upgrade (Free)
  • Implemented gift codes (Free)
  • Added Chinese (simplified) and Japanese translation
  • Sessions that are stopped before any content is recorded, are now automatically deleted. This can be caused if there is no connection to GPS receiver or satellites during the session.
  • Login no longer required for accessing nearby tracks from track library
  • Significantly smaller application package size: Software codec (FFmpeg) for video exports is now downloaded only when needed (Pro)
  • Fine-tuning of analog gauges (Pro)
  • Upgraded to FFmpeg 2.7.2 (Pro)
  • Fixed: Video files exported with hardware acceleration were not properly split at 4 GB (Pro)
  • Fixed: Input video with unsupported or no audio track can now be exported (Hardware accelerated export only, Android 4.4 and newer) (Pro)
  • Fixed: Broken Upgrade screen layout on devices with low density displays
  • Fixed: front/back camera icon was enabled when recording (Pro)

Change log for RaceChrono v4.2.4 for Android (17.7.2015):

  • Added Picture-in-picture for hardware accelerated video export (Android 4.4 and later) (Pro)
  • Added fading in and out for exported video and audio (audio fading for hardware accelerated export only) (Pro)
  • Improved overlay editor (Pro)
  • Improved visual cue for adjusting video sync: Millisecond adjustments now move graph and map instead of the video (Pro)
  • Added WiFi configuration button to GoPro status box (Pro)
  • Added separate support for GoPro 4 (Pro)
  • Added Air/Fuel ratio OBD-II channel
  • Fixed GoPro 3/3+ sometimes not adding sync points (Pro)
  • Fixed GoPro IP-address input did not allow entering dots (Pro)
  • Fixed sometimes mixed icons in Upgrade screen (Free)
  • Fixed user interface’s saved state was lost on every app update. The state will be lost upon installing this version for the final time, sorry.
  • Fixed: While recording video, switched app to background and came back, the correct live recording screen page was not resumed (Pro)
  • Fixed multiple GoPro 4 issues (Pro)
  • Fixed camera shutdown issue when live screen was rotated (Pro)
  • Extended export trial from 45 seconds to 120 seconds
  • Fixed partially broken video sync adjust (Pro)
  • Fixed GoPro camera sometimes switched off after 30 seconds delay while still recording (Pro)
  • Fixed video recording on some devices (Samsung Camera 2, Tab 2) (Pro)
  • Fixed some (custom) video overlay layout problems (Pro)
  • Fixed overlay editor preview gauges when whole session was selected (Pro)
  • Fixed several track auto-selection bugs
  • Fixed manual track selection when no network connectivity
  • Fixed export and graphs for sessions with two data logger devices
  • Fixed “show relative times” setting was not saved
  • Fixed rare crash in lap and video lists

Change log for RaceChrono v4.1.5 for Android (11.5.2015):

  • Added remote controlling of GoPro HERO 3/3+/4 action cameras (Pro)
  • Added automatically linking GoPro chapter video files (GP*.MP4) after the main video files (GOPR*.MP4) (Pro)
  • Added video channels for managing video files from multiple sources (Pro)
  • Added video stabilization, exposure compensation and auto-focus lock settings for video recording (Pro)
  • Improved camera configuration (Pro)
  • Improved device configuration
  • Improved device status button in Live screen
  • Added recommended products screen (Pro)
  • Added recommended products to Upgrade screen (Free)
  • Added indicator for selected video overlay (Pro)
  • Device configuration now allows several RaceDAC devices
  • Fixed hardware accelerated video export alpha blending (Pro)
  • Fixed video overlay editor changes lost if screen rotated (Pro)
  • Fixed wrong video overlay was selected for multipart video exports (Pro)
  • Fixed video controls hidden when video overlay popup is open (Pro)
  • Fixed overlaid video export crash on some circumstances (Pro)
  • Fixed out of sync video export when multipart (Pro)
  • Fixed broken .CSV exports when line feed in session title
  • Several other fixes

Change log for RaceChrono v4.0.9 for Android (24.3.2015):

  • Fixed white settings screen problem for some LG devices

Change log for RaceChrono v4.0.6 for Android (16.3.2015):

  • New session overview and lap list screens
  • Added reference laps and cross session comparison (Analysis pack / Pro)
  • Configurable gauge cluster for analysis and video export (Pro)
  • Analog gauges for a few OBD-II channels, such as throttle position and boost (Pro)
  • Added option to manually rotate video by 180 degrees (Pro)
  • Video export now rotates input videos 180 degrees if needed according to meta data (Pro)
  • Selected gauges in live screen are now saved
  • Added support for reverse landscape in Live recording screen
  • Added camera auto-exposure lock option (Pro)
  • Added front facing camera support (Pro)
  • Added external microphone support (Pro)
  • New video player code in Analysis screen (Pro)
  • Added embedded tracks to .VBO exports. You can now use tracks defined with RaceChrono in CircuitTools without any extra work (Pro / Devices Pack / Analysis Pack)
  • Various user interface improvements and bug fixes

Change log for RaceChrono v3.37 for Android (10.2.2015):

  • Fixed live lap timer not working when an existing session is resumed

Change log for RaceChrono v3.36 for Android (17.1.2015):

  • Added Italian translation
  • Fixed traps were sometimes (rarely) not trigged when crossed
  • Fixed not recording data for other devices if GPS was set to other than Device #1
  • Fixed initial map zoom on Android 5.0 and Maps v2
  • Fixed video frame was not always visible when seeking on Android 5.0
  • Fixed map zooming was impossible when recording a session or playing back video on Android 5.0 and Maps v2
  • Fixed crash when opening analysis
  • Fixed back navigation on Android 4.0 and 4.1

Change log for RaceChrono v3.33 for Android (14.11.2014):

  • Fixed possible startup crash

Change log for RaceChrono v3.32 for Android (11.11.2014):

  • Fixed broken build (Free only)

Change log for RaceChrono v3.31 for Android (10.11.2014):

  • Added export queue with proper file management
  • Added hardware accelerated h.264 video exports for Android 4.4 and later (Pro only)
  • Added splitting of exported video files to multiple parts if size exceeds 4 GB or the raw videos are in different resolutions (Pro only)
  • Added support for 64-bit processors
  • Added standard up-navigation
  • Added magnetometer support for internal sensors recording
  • Added support for data logger device with $RC and NMEA sentences (RaceDAC with GPS)
  • Added “Ignore PID capabilities” expert setting to allow polling OBD-II channels even if ECU reports them as unsupported
  • Added expert setting for selecting Maps API between Google Maps v1, v2 and Simple map. Android 5.0 and newer will default to API v2 and older versions will default API v1 as before. Maps API v2 requires much more CPU, and therefore is not as smooth to use, but Maps v1 has several bugs and is no longer maintained by Google.
  • Adjusted export video quality settings, low and medium quality settings produce lower quality than previously (Pro only)
  • Updated to FFmpeg 2.4.2 (Pro only)
  • Fixed Android 5.0 support
  • Fixed OBD-II recording for multi-ECU vehicles
  • Fixed OBD-II live time gauge
  • Fixed VBOX battery live time left gauge
  • Fixed in-app-purchases status sometimes temporarily forgotten (Free only)
  • Fixed Nexus 7 video aspect ratio (Pro only)
  • Fixed Sony Xperia external storage support
  • Various other bug fixes

Change log for RaceChrono v3.20 for Android (25.7.2014):

  • Implemented support for linking video files from external cameras. Notice only high end phones are able to playback high quality videos recorded with cameras such as GoPro. Lower recording quality setting needed for lower end phones (Pro only)
  • Implemented manual video/data synchronisation. Can be used for videos recorded with both integrated and external cameras (Pro only)
  • Implemented less obstructive low profile analog gauges (Pro only)
  • Added “very high quality” setting for video exports (Pro only)
  • Added Portuguese (Portugal) language
  • Added OBD-II channel setup to device settings
  • Fixed: Duplicate numbers sometimes shown in analog RPM gauge (Pro only)
  • Fixed: Lap timer was not visible on videos exported with “Whole session” scope (Pro only)
  • Fixed: Mixed up subject and text fields in sharing and exporting
  • Fixed: Various minor lap timer issues
  • Fixed: Multiple crashes and smaller issues
  • Fixed: Problem with OBD-II on some multi-ECU cars

Change log for RaceChrono v3.16 for Android (7.7.2014):

  • Added ‘Navigate’ button to track view. Opens Google Maps turn-by-turn guidance.
  • Fixed: Purchased items not available if no network connection

Change log for RaceChrono v3.15 for Android (4.7.2014):

  • Fixed crash when opening graphs on some devices

Change log for RaceChrono v3.14 for Android (4.7.2014):

  • Fixed “white screen” hang at startup on some devices

Change log for RaceChrono v3.13 for Android (30.6.2014):

  • Improved error handling
  • Improved non-Samsung video preview initialisation (Pro version only)
  • Fixed Samsung S3 1080p video aspect ratio (Pro version only)
  • Fixed few bugs

Change log for RaceChrono v3.12 for Android (27.6.2014):

  • Fixed broken OBD-II recording (exists in v3.11 only)
  • Fixed gauge cluster overlay when browsing route or video (Pro version only)

Change log for RaceChrono v3.11 for Android (26.6.2014):

  • Fixed multiple exporting bugs
  • Fixed German translation

Change log for RaceChrono v3.10 for Android (23.6.2014):

  • Added in-app purchase Analysis Pack: Predictive Lap Timer, Time Difference/Gain -channels and comparison x-axis scaled by position. Included in Pro version.
  • Added in-app purchase Devices Pack: Unlimited connection time for OBD-II, VBOX Sport and RaceDAC devices. Included in Pro version.
  • Added shop screen to sell RaceChrono Pro and the in-app purchases

Change log for RaceChrono v3.00 for Android (20.5.2014):

  • Added video recording functionality
  • Added video export functionality
  • Added video analysis functionality

Change log for RaceChrono v2.90 for Android (22.4.2014):

  • French, German, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese translations
  • Title and description can be now entered for sessions
  • Improved Live screen
  • Google Authentication
  • Added ‘My location’ button to track editor
  • Configurable update rate for exporting for .CSV and .VBO formats
  • Added support to x86 and armeabi-v7a processor architectures
  • RaceDAC improvements
  • Removed MTK-II GPS settings modification feature
  • Numerous bugfixes

Change log for RaceChrono v2.45 for Android (11.1.2014):

  • Temperature units are now selectable Celsius/Fahrenheit
  • Pressure units are now selectable Bar/PSI/kPa
  • Implemented OBD-II channels: Absolute throttle position A/B and Accelerator pedal position C/D/F
  • Clean up of export/ and import/ folders on startup
  • Allowed Play Store installation to devices without internal GPS
  • Improved the shared RCZ files
  • Fixed: OBD-II protocol selection on some readers
  • Fixed: OBD-II distance channels were dropped from session shares
  • Fixed: Possible crash during sharing a session

Change log for RaceChrono v2.44 for Android (21.10.2013):

  • Fixed: Startup crash for new installs

Change log for RaceChrono v2.43 for Android (20.10.2013):

  • Added chipset selection to GPS device settings
  • Fixed: Garmin GLO incompatibility (on Android 4.3 devices).
  • Fixed: Circuit Tools (.vbo) export crash
  • Fixed: Unreadable drop down menus (on Android 2.3.7 and earlier)
  • Fixed: Importing shared sessions that had been resumed
  • Fixed: Incorrect Total Time when sharing session as e-mail
  • Fixed: Error message when importing a shared session fails
  • Fixed: Accuracy channel when recording with internal GPS
  • Fixed: Shadows in lap list (on Android 2.3 and earlier)
  • Fixed: Few possible crashes

Change log for RaceChrono v2.40 for Android (13.10.2013):

  • Easy one-click sharing of tracks and sessions (through email, Dropbox, Google Drive or any other sharing app you have installed)
  • Sharing of exported files
  • Exporting to Circuit Tools and Performance Tools (.vbo format)
  • Renewed visuals
  • Improved CPU usage
  • More descriptive export file names
  • Renamed “Fragment 0”, “Fragment 1”, “Fragment 2″… to “Session start”, “Session resume 1”, “Session resume 2” …
  • Fixed: Download button not visible in track view. Track download was possible only when running a session.
  • Fixed: Analysis lap selection not updated when “Comparison graph” setting is changed
  • Fixed: Missing graph x/y-scale lines on devices such as Nexus 7
  • Fixed: Numerous small bug fixes
  • Fixed: Exported (.csv and .nmea) time was not UTC-timezone as it should

Change log for RaceChrono v2.34 for Android (8.8.2013):

  • New OBD-II channels: Relative accelerator pedal position, Engine fuel rate and Engine oil temperature (notice not all channels are supported by all cars)
  • Fixed: Exports of special stage laps were missing last sector. For example, laps from Nordschleife BTG were affected by this. This bug was introduced in v2.30.
  • Fixed: Simple map zooming problem (when switching map type)
  • Fixed: Preserving map state when switching to other apps
  • Fixed: Connection problems to some cheap OBD-II readers with Android 4.2.2 and 4.3
  • Fixed: Possible live map crash

Change log for RaceChrono v2.33 for Android (24.7.2013):

  • Added button to change map type everywhere. Removed redundant map type setting from analysis settings.

Change log for RaceChrono v2.32 for Android (16.7.2013):

  • Fixed: Support for “HHOBD Advanced” OBD-II reader
  • Fixed: OBD-II parser re-initialize bug
  • Fixed: Crash when either no fast or no slow OBD-II were selected

Change log for RaceChrono v2.31 for Android (15.7.2013):

  • Fixed: Broken example session on new installs
  • Fixed: Rare crashes when loading track lists
  • (+ Updated external libraries and compiler)

Change log for RaceChrono v2.30 for Android (14.7.2013):

  • Trial feature*): Support for OBD-II readers
  • Trial feature*): Support for RaceDAC data loggers (and others supporting $RC1 and $RC2 sentences)
  • Trial feature*): Support for VBOX Sport over Bluetooth connection
  • Gauges added to Live Timer, click on the small ones to make them bigger
  • Faster application startup
  • New device settings screens
  • New Comma Separated Values (.CSV) export format with all data from all devices
  • Expert setting “Save Device Output”: Raw device output (such as NMEA) is saved to session folder the setting is turned on
  • Expert setting “Bluetooth fix”: If you’re able to pair your device, but it remains disconnected, you might give this setting a go
  • Track list now allows swiping left and right to switch tab
  • Session meta data saved more frequently to prevent data loss on crash
  • Small fixes/improvements in track editor
  • New graph colours
  • Fixed: Live map type was changed to road map, if that was previously used in analysis
  • Fixed: Fixed missing trap name for CSV export (format v1)
  • Fixed: NMEA exports had missing fix type, if the session did not have that channel
  • Fixed: Screen was allowed to turn off when adding traps in live recording
  • Fixed: Empty Nearby Tracks list when no network location available
  • Fixed: The “Scan for devices” button in Bluetooth device selection was left behind the list of devices, if the list was too long
  • Fixed: Importing of old RaceChrono version 1.x sessions that have OBD-II or RaceDAC channels (graphs did not work with distance x-axis)
  • Fixed: Marking optimal lap as invalid was allowed, which caused a crash
  • Fixed: Zero distance was displayed to tracks with no traps at all
  • Fixed: Track auto-detection was using tracks missing start or finish
  • Fixed: “Add traps” button in Live Recording did nothing when start line was added, but not the finish
  • Fixed: Pressing home button in Live Recording and then starting from icon menu caused application to start in main menu

*) Trial features will be premium features available through in-app purchases in future. For testing period these will be available for free for everyone.

Change log for RaceChrono v2.21 for Android (16.3.2013):

  • Fixed: Broken NMEA exporting
  • Fixed: Crash when exiting track editor before track was loaded
  • Fixed: Possibly some other crashes

Change log for RaceChrono v2.20 for Android (24.2.2013):

  • Finally implemented Standing Start traps
  • Configurable high/low markers in analyzing map. By default this is configured to Speed, which shows up corner and straight speeds nicely.
  • Configurable driving line color in analyzing map. By default this is configured to Longitudinal Acceleration, which shows up braking and acceleration points.
  • Graph map can be changed between Satellite, Roadmap and Simple modes. Simple mode has just black background, so it does not cause any data transfer.
  • Added support for hardware accelerated graphics
  • An ‘Update rate’ channel added for all devices
  • New easier to use live timer
  • Dropped Android 2.1 support (devices with Android 2.1 will get the RaceChrono v2.11 from Play Store)
  • Improved graphics and usability in track editor
  • Fixed: Duplicate data was saved when stopped recording at certain multiples (of number of data points)
  • Fixed: Delay occurred when opening long sessions

Change log for RaceChrono v2.11 for Android (16.9.2012):

  • Added Garmin GLO support (an excellent 10 Hz Bluetooth GPS/GLONASS receiver)
  • Added track counts to Track Library
  • Fixed: Broken support for some Bluetooth GPS receivers on Android 4.x (Atleast some Holux models)
  • Fixed: Reloading Track Library did not properly update Unofficial and Pending review category
  • Fixed: Pending review category in Track Library was missing most of the tracks

Change log for RaceChrono v2.10 for Android (10.9.2012):

  • Selectible absolute or relative timing in lap list
  • Selectible “Sectors” and “Splits” mode in lap list (“Trap speed” and “Hi/lo speeds” coming later)
  • Quick selection for lap and comparison lap when analyzing laps
  • Quick selection for session fragment when analyzing session route
  • Comparison graph is now drawn also when analyzing sectors
  • Added Refresh button in session list
  • Add example track and session to the package
  • Added expert setting “Do not modify GPS” to disable modification of MTK chipset settings
  • Added expert setting “Record internal sensors” to enable recording of internal accelerometer and gyroscope (note this is an experimental feature that may be changed or removed later)
  • Fixed: Optimal lap calculation (occurred when some laps had missed split traps)
  • Fixed: Text on map flags did not scale according to screen pixel density
  • Fixed: Crash when opened graph settings when session was still empty
  • Fixed: Rare crash when exiting track editor
  • Fixed: Wrong minus symbol on exports on some locale
  • Fixed: Invalid comparison graph after switching track
  • Fixed: Refresh button logic in track list

Change log for RaceChrono v2.06 for Android (23.7.2012):

  • Fixed: Exporting was broken when using locales with comma decimal separator (French, Finnish)…
  • Fixed: Rare crash when stopping recording

Change log for RaceChrono v2.05 for Android (22.7.2012):

  • Dropped the beta postfix!
  • Session exporting to CSV and NMEA 0183 formats. The CSV format is tested with RaceRender2, DashWare and RaceChrono2AVI video generators.
  • Added lateral and longitudinal acceleration channels calculated from GPS data
  • Fixed: Now ignoring data if GPS time goes backwards

Change log for RaceChrono v2.04 beta for Android (3.7.2012):

  • Fixed: Samsung Galaxy S2 with Android 4.0.3 had Bluetooth problems. I created a workaround to keep the Bluetooth connection alive.
  • Fixed: Rare graph crash
  • Fixed: Virtual keyboard was not hidden correctly in track editor
  • Fixed: Entered name was lost while editing the trap

Change log for RaceChrono v2.03 beta for Android (11.6.2012):

  • Fixed: Crash when opening very long sessions (>100 laps without pausing)

Change log for RaceChrono v2.02 beta for Android (10.6.2012):

  • Fixed: Automatic track detection crashed the app frequently (bug introduced in v2.01)

Change log for RaceChrono v2.01 beta for Android (9.6.2012):

  • Longer battery life when recording (less CPU usage)
  • Fixed: Automatic track detection worked only on first session (since application start)
  • Fixed: Automatic track detection did not work if not signed in to My RaceChrono
  • Fixed: Rare crash when recording or opening session
  • Fixed: Crash when opening track editor when latest session (or resume) had no plots
  • Fixed: Track editor was in invalid state after removing traps
  • Fixed: Graph/Driving line was not visible (at first) in Route analyzer

Change log for RaceChrono v2.00.7 beta for Android (3.6.2012), since Preview4:

  • Main screen now allows landscape mode.
  • Created settings view with metric/english units, device configuration etc.
  • Added features for managing My RaceChrono account.
  • Warning is displayed if internal GPS is used but it is not enabled.
  • Warning/Disclaimer pop-up appers on application start-up. This can be disabled from settings.
  • Improved icons
  • Fixed: Could not use the app after USB storage was first mounted, but unmounted afterwards.
  • Fixed: Multiple crashes when viewing graphs
  • Fixed: Nearby tracks list sorting issue