Tutorial: Turning off power saving on Android phones

In last couple of years, Android phone manufacturers have been concentrating improving the battery life of their phones. In consequence most new phones limit 3rd party apps’ access to the internal GPS or Bluetooth connections when the app runs in background. Some phones will even stop applications from running in the background.

The intent is good, but all this has effect on apps like RaceChrono that collect data – even when the display is turned off and the app has gone to background.

Most phones have settings to turn off the power saving measures. Here’s the list of preferred settings for different phones, to allow recording in the background. Probably not all the settings are needed, but this list will give you a good starting point.

Please contact RaceChrono support if something is incorrect, or you have something to add.


Samsung S20 with Android 12.0 and Samsung S22 with Android 13.0:

  1. Settings > Apps > RaceChrono (Pro) > Battery > Unrestricted
  2. Settings > Apps > RaceChrono (Pro) > Permissions > Location > Allow all time
  3. Settings > Battery and Device care > Battery > Power saving > Off

The first setting will allow the app to run in the background and connect Bluetooth devices in the background. The second setting will allow the app access the built-in GPS while in the background. The third will lift any power saving restrictions caused by low battery.

Samsung S9 with Android 9.0:

  1. Settings > Apps > RaceChrono (Pro) > Battery > Allow background activity: Enabled
  2. Settings > Apps > RaceChrono (Pro) > Battery > Optimise battery use: Not optimised. Notice: You’ll need to select “All” from the drop down list on top, and then disable RaceChrono (Pro)
  3. Settings > Device care > Battery > Power mode: High performance
  4. Settings > Device care > Battery > (top menu) > Settings > Optimise settings: Disabled

Samsung S6 with Android 7.0:

  1. Settings > Device maintenance > Battery > Power saving mode: Off
  2. Settings > Device maintenance > Battery > Unmonitored apps: Add RaceChrono and/or RaceChrono Pro to the unmonitored list


Huawei P20 with Android 9.0:

  1. Settings > Battery > Performance mode: Enabled
  2. Settings > Battery > App launch > RaceChrono (Pro): Manage manually (Auto-launch: Enabled, Secondary launch: Enabled, Run in background: Enabled)

Google Pixel

Google Pixel 2 with Android 10.0 beta:

  1. Settings > Apps & Notifications > RaceChrono (Pro) > Permissions > Location: Allow all time
  2. Settings > Apps & Notifications > RaceChrono (Pro) > Advanced > Battery > Background restriction: App can use battery in background
  3. Settings > Apps & Notifications > RaceChrono (Pro) > Advanced > Battery > Battery optimization: Not optimizing battery
  4. Settings > Battery > Battery saver: Off


OnePlus 5 with Android 9.0:

  1. Settings > Battery > Battery saver: Off
  2. Settings > Battery > Battery optimisation > RaceChrono (Pro): Don’t optimise