I have a difficulties with performance testing

I use 1.00 v and it shows 8 satelites but when i start to run time is showing only 0:00. I have samsung i 550.


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    I figure you are trying the performance tests? Which one? 0-100 kph? Are you using internal GPS or extrenal Bluetooth GPS?

    I can take a look at your NMEA file, which you can find from \RaceChrono\Sessions\*-nmea.txt on your memory card. Please send it (preferably as compressed) to tracks(at)racechrono.com.
  • for exaple 0-100 or 1/8 mile. i'm using internal gps. I will send this file. Thanks
  • On the log file you sent, I can see the GPS speed does not go to zero. Please wait around 10 seconds at standstill before starting the run.
  • So i will do like this>>start new session(0-100)>>then wait for fix satelites>>open live timer>>wait 10 seconds>>and run!! Is it ok??
  • That should work.
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