Problems installing new BETA 1.02


Thanks for a fantastic product.

I have had nothing but joy from it.
I have shown quite a few people from the club I belong to here in South Africa
and quite a few are now using it.

I am having a problem installing the BETA 1.02 on my N95.
I have never had a problem before, I removed the previous version
and when I try to install, it says "Unable to install, Constrained by the certificate"

How do I solve this problem.


  • Never Mind.

    I just read you have to be part of the beta group.

  • edited October 2008
    Due to Symbian Signed policies, I have to release the test versions to limited number of phones. So in order to install, you need to sign up for the beta group. And then wait me to re-build the installation package, which I will do it twice a month. Instructions for joining the beta group here:
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