RaceChrono, Trackvision Website

Hi, I fell in love with RC and TV over the last several months so I decided to setup a website where I could upload mine and my friends videos without compressing the living daylights out of them.

Check out --> www.ridersontheslide.com and go to the VIDEO page.


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    Wow nice, seriously cool web site, you have talent! Great videos as well!

    PS. You need more bandwidth :)
  • Glade you like it and sorry about the slowly speed of the website. I'm planning on upgrading the server as soon as the budget allows.
  • I got the Alpha Bid Bluetooth adapter working with 1.02 on my 2003 VW GTI. The only problem seems to be with the .csv export to TrackVision, where I have to scale the output by dividing it by a constant. I used 10, but I'm not sure what range TrackVision expects. I'll ask them and update this forum.
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