USA users?

I did not see any U.S. tracks on the track page. I've just started learning RaceChrono and I hope to use in December at my 'home track,' Virginia International Raceway.

Are there really no other US users posting here?

I bought a deactivated Nokia N75 cheaply and have been testing it with my Nokia bluetooth GPS receiver. Very cool software. I'm eager to try it and show it off to my fellow track enthusiasts. I do wish I could run RaceChrono on my Nokia N800, but that is Maemo OS.

I'm very excited about RaceChrono. I can hardly wait to return to the track.


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    We have some users from USA, but not many compared to the European countries or Australia. I guess the fact that the S60 phones are not that popular over there is playing against us.

    I'm very happy you're in the forum! Please spread the word about the software, and send us all the track files you create! :)

    Maemo version is coming at some point. Atleast when Nokia releases the first Maemo phone.
  • I'm in Beaufort, SC (US)and have run RaceChrono at Rockingham, Roebling Road and Carolina Motorsport Park. I just tried the 1.02 Beta and downloaded to Trackvision. I'll try to upload those tracks if I can figure out how.
  • Very nice, email me at tracks(at) with the track files, or if you need any help with them!
  • Just E-mailed the 3 tracks.
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