Set invalid / impossible laptimes for chosen track, possible bug

Hello AOL
I recently ran on Mantorp Park in Sweden and got several sessions ok but one session was completely destroyed by a bug or by design.
We were in a queue to enter the track (of course). So I noticed that the timer started before entering the track which is normal. And when the queue advanced, it stopped. So basically I got a record lap time of 1.4 seconds. Well the track usually takes 90 seconds per lap for me. So what happens is that it compares my 90 seconds laps to 1.4 seconds. So I got no indication at all. It still counted the lap times but I got no indication at all about my progress. Possibly a bug?

So the feature request is to
- Add an option that first lap is a "warmup lap" on this particular session, or by default. So it does not count as "best lap"
- Add an option to set a minimum lap time per track. Just to avoid this problem. For instance in my case I would enter 80 seconds or 1:20,000. Meaning lap times under this must mean something is wrong and does not count as "best lap" for the session.

I'm on beta by the way.


  • By the way I secured the following sessions by editing the gps points on a copy of the track.
  • It probably recorded 1.4 seconds because you were queuing near the Start/Finish line. The GPS trajectories went first through the Start/Finish trap the right way, came back, and did another pass through the trap. It is sort of by design, and it is usual GPS trajectories do this when moving slowly or being stopped.

    You can mark this lap "invalid" from the context menu that pops up by pressing the lap number at lap list. If it does not work then it is a bug :)

    There's other reasons too to make the laps invalid, such as clear GPS errors in some sectors that mess up the Optimal Lap calculation.
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    Hello aol.
    Yes I understand why it happened. A lot of tracks have the track entry near the start/finish line and so did this one. Anyways since this is a Time Attack event, and gloves are mandatory, and I had everything set. We entry the track every 10 seconds to keep a gap between the cars. There is simply no time to adjust it prior to entering the track when this happens.

    So, although I can fix or disregard it in the analyze phase, its too late since I need it most on track. I still went to the finals, and I realized the problem so I adjusted the gps positions on the start/finish line using a copy of the track. It worked perfectly. The lap recorder didn't start until passing the real finish line on the track

    But still, if there is a way to auto discard invalid laps "live" it would be great just to keep it from happening.

    It turns out though that driving into the blind in the qualifications actually made me drive faster. It must've been the Force :)

  • OK, I understand now :) I'll put it to my TO-DO; some button to invalidate the previous lap.
  • Hi Aol
    Sorry to resurrect a very old thread, but I fell in to the same problem last night at the local Karting track - it was a heats format and the drivers are required to wait in the pit lane for the next heat - and during this time I recorded a lap of 1.7 seconds by walking down the pit lane adjacent to the start line, and lost the ability to have live split times for the 3rd heat.

    I'd agree with Omni, that the ability to set a minimum sensible lap time per track (59 seconds would be optimal for this particular kart track) would also solve this.

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