Live timing - lap sector splits

I have used racechono for years but not used live timing screen this year as been on track days so have to do a 'stealth mode' with phone hidden as not allowed on track days. I am racing again this weekend and did a dummy run in car and noticed the running split time seems to update every few seconds. Previously I recall it updated only after passing a trap and at end of lap. Has this mode changed? I cant find any info in setting to change this.

Current setup Racechrono 4.2.4 Android on galaxy s2 with q-startz bt-818 extreme gps at 5 hz


  • The "predictive lap timer" shows the delta time against the comparison/best lap continuously. So instead of giving delta time just on splits, it shows real time delta all the time. There's no option to disable it, but I will do some work on live timer soon, so it may become an option.
  • Thanks for the explanation. Option to switch would be good. Meantine I try current predictive version out this weekend.
  • What determines the update rate for predictive timer? Time or distance? what interval?
  • It is the update rate of the used GPS
  • Hi. I really want that feature. In fact to be the best it must allow us to have a split delta against the best sector (not the best lap).

    To be more customizable, the pilot could have the following options:

    - Best lap

    - Last lap

    - Optimum lap (the joint of all best sectors)

    - Best lap sectors

    - Last lap sectors (my secondary choice)

    - Optimum lap sectors (my first choice)

    Please, add this feature. It's a game changer option to improve lap times.

  • Here is an video explaining the options (an old one but the best I could find):

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