• As aol has explained somewhere in this forum. Wintec is not quite a 10Hz but more like a 4Hz from the hardware in the unit.

    Any better than 5Hz bluetooth GPS at all available. Or is it still the Qstarz extreme 818 5Hz still the best?
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    Yes 10 Hz or even 20 Hz will work just fine. Related discussions about the Wintec receiver:

    Notice that I haven't tested the Wintec, so it might still be good, even though it is 4 Hz not 10 Hz. I just that I feel they cheat a bit when advertising it. To be honest, I should buy one and see how it compares to the MTK based (Qstarz etc).

    Also there is real 10 Hz in the market, like BlacklineGPS Fuel. I have it and it is amazing. Only problem with that is that the Bluetooth model is no longer manufactured (so now it needs a RS23<=>bluetooth converter), and costs somewhere around $700 canadian. Can be upgraded to 20 Hz with similar amount of money.

    Due to the price I haven't been advertising it much.
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