Heart rate (and possible other BLE) sensor support

I'm using racechrono for motocross training and apart from all technical data, it would be great to see heart rate. Of course I'm able to run another tracker to get HR logged, but this is not very convenient.
I think this feature may be fun for car drivers too and really helpful for moto/bicycle riders.


  • This is on my TO-DO, I hope to get it done at some point.
  • Is there ETA for this feature?
  • Sorry no ETA.
  • Antti, is the issue generally with supporting Bluetooth Low Energy or is it about dealing with the various sensors (heart rate, etc.)?

    I've built my own data acquisition module based on an Arduino (the RedBearLab BLEnd, which integrates BLE onboard). I am successfully emulating OBD-II to RaceChrono now, but to do it I had to buy an additional classic Bluetooth breakout board - at the time I didn't know that classic Bluetooth and BLE are different protocols. I'd love to get rid of that extra breakout board and go straight through BLE. Do you foresee any roadblocks to doing this in the future?
  • Hi Karter88, the issue is mostly about picking suitable hardware to support, find the protocol specs. The biggest difference in BLE is that there is no SPP meaning it's not a serial port like data stream, but packets. It doesn't matter much to RC internals, but ofcourse it needs separate implementation.
  • I can see how that would be a hassle to maintain both implementations. Apparently BLE is a major departure from classic so it's not just a drop-in replacement. Well, I look forward to whatever you can do. I just had my first track day with my new setup, so will probably have some questions in a new thread after I check the forum about OBD/RaceDAC communication.
  • @maxbl4 @Karter88 This is finally done in RaceChrono v5.0. Sorry for taking so long to do it :)
  • Cool! Found out about this a week ago and tested. Works very good!
  • Hi @maxbl4 and @aol which HR monitors are compatible with racechrono? Do you have some products to reccomend that work best?
  • Hi, I used cheap BT belt from AliExpress. Search for cospoo or something similar, which state compatibility with runtastic or other popular app
  • Thanks for your help max! I'm going to try this Coospo!
  • I test with Suunto, but any BLE sensor that follows the standard should work.
  • Reviving this thread. Any chance we can use Wear OS watch HR to implement HR sensor?
  • On my TO-DO list!
  • Awesome! Cant wait to use it on the track. I already have the data in my separate Google Fit app but having it implemented in the software analysis for the sessions would be even more insightful for those turns where you know you're getting some real speed!
  • Mi Band 4. How to connect to RaceChrono? Any quick tutorial?
  • m1k0, you cannot unless the device supports the standard BLE heart rate monitor profile. Usually it's just the heart rate belts that do.
  • ok, that another question. Which belt should I buy in order to connect with RaceChrono?
  • @m1k0 I'm using the Suunto Smart Sensor, which is very good. I think the Chinese "BLE" or "Bluetooth Smart" belts will also work, but no idea how good they are.
  • I'm using very similar belt. The brand is coospoo or similar, I believe it is the same as in your link, just different name. Any belt with support for runtastic, Strava etc will work. So order one with most ratings, it should work

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